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See you later, bye week, you will not be missed!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Our long national nightmare is over!

Lord have mercy, this weekend felt long, didn’t it?

Bye weeks are good for the health and safety of the players we root for, but they are tremendously boring. Sure, watching Nebraska get curb-stomped is always a nice treat, but at some point, it just loses its flavor. We need more Missouri football in our lives! It’s good to know it’ll be at least 4 more weeks until we have to do this again.

Anyway, the new AP poll came out yesterday, and there’s movement at the top.

Alabama was the new No. 1 in the Coaches Poll, and the Crimson Tide have now claimed the top spot in the latest AP Top 25 poll as well. Fresh off its 59-31 win over Ole Miss, Alabama claims the top spot from AP voters with 1,478 points.

Those of you who were able to catch any of that Clemson game will understand why they have deservedly lost the top spot in the polls. Do you want a chance to vote on your own Top 25 and put whomever wherever you choose? JOIN FANPULSE TODAY!

Oh, also Missouri is now the sixth team out of the AP Top 25. Sure, SP+ says the Tigers are solidly a Top 20 team — and have the 7th best defense in the country — but who’s keeping track of those numbers? Nerds, probably.

Yesterday at Rock M

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