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FanPulse 6.0: We’ve got a new number 1

Clemson stumbled but still won against North Carolina, and that opened the door to the dark empire from the SEC.

fanpulse week 5 alabama


The Clemson Tigers have been riding a high since whipping Alabama in the National Championship game last January. But the ride nearly came to a crashing halt when they stubbed their toe and ALMOST lost to North Carolina. The same North Carolina who beat South Carolina and Miami, then lost to Wake Forest and Appalachian State. That stumble was enough for the voters of FanPulse to knock the Tigers from the top spot and anoint a new number one.

So who is at the top?

fanpulse week 5 alabama

Oh look. It’s Alabama.

I feel like I’ve been on this ride before.

Alabama takes over the top spot with Clemson dropping to second, followed by Georgia, Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, and Auburn. I personally voted Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson as my top three. I’ve been really impressed with how good they’ve been playing, and Justin Fields has been awesome.

We have a new question this week, which team’s coach should get fired first?

  • Tennessee - 24.9%
  • Rutgers - 24.1%
  • Florida State - 14.1%
  • Virginia Tech - 13.4%
  • USC - 9.6%
  • USF - 9.0%
  • Arkansas 5.0%

LOL, Tennessee... getting first in the voting on a week they didn’t play. I personally voted for Rutgers and then Sunday, Rutgers fired Chris Ash.

You can still vote for Missouri in FanPulse, which I personally dropped them in at 14. If you want to vote for the Tigers, you can still sign up for FanPulse: Click HERE to sign up!

Missouri again didn’t enter the top 25 across all SBN sites, which probably would’ve been hard to do on a week they didn’t play a game... but Mizzou fans again voted the Tigers in at 22.

Here is how the votes went:

FanPulse Week 5 Voting

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Alabama Alabama -
Clemson Georgia ↑ 1
Georgia Clemson ↓ 1
Ohio State LSU ↑ 1
LSU Ohio State ↓ 1
Oklahoma Oklahoma -
Auburn Auburn -
Wisconsin Wisconsin -
Florida Florida -
Notre Dame Penn State ↑ 1
Penn State Notre Dame ↓ 1
Texas Texas -
Oregon Oregon -
Iowa Iowa -
Boise State Boise State -
Washington Washington -
Utah Utah -
Cal Virginia ↑ 1
Virginia Cal ↓ 1
Michigan Michigan -
Texas A&M Missouri ↑ 3+
Michigan State Michigan State -
Arizona State Texas A&M ↓ 3

Also receiving votes were: Kansas State, Wake Forest, SMU, Oklahoma State, Army

Sometimes I wonder how much people are actually paying attention, because Kansas State started receiving votes after beating Mississippi State on the road. And the Bulldogs just got handled at Auburn. So I’m not sure that’s a good harbinger on if the Wildcats are good or now.

Fan Confidence time... I think it’s safe to say Missouri has recovered from the embarrassing loss to Wyoming according to this Fan Confidence vote.

sbnation fanpulse week 4 fan confidence

This doesn’t have a percentage listed but I’ve been informed the vote was actually 100% fan confidence. Proving there’s no ill a good bye week can’t cure.

What say you, everyone? How are you feeling about the Tigers heading into the Bye Week?