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FanPulse v2.0 is out and relatively unchanged at the top

I shuffled my top 10 a little bit after week one, but definitely didn’t vote for Nebraska.

fan pulse week 2

Week 2 of College Football is officially here.

fan pulse week 2

Voting for the week closed last night, but if you missed your window, you’ll get a better opportunity this week. Voting will usually begin once the last game is played on Saturday night, instead of Week 1’s weird schedule which saw games from Thursday through Monday night. Here’s my favorite note on the voting:

Clemson was nearly unanimous this week, except for UNC fans (who has them at No. 3) and [checks notes] South Carolina (who has them at No. 2).

Stay petty, College Football fans. I love it.

If you still want to sign up, YOU TOTALLY CAN. Click HERE to sign up!

Obviously for Tigers fans, we know after Saturday’s performance in Laramie, Mizzou very much deserves to be left off the list. And for Missouri to be ranked, they probably need to run off two or three wins in a row... at least. So let’s hope for that.

Here is how Missouri fans voted:

(next to the ranking is the difference in spots between the National voting and our voting)

  1. Clemson (0)
  2. Alabama (0)
  3. Georgia (0)
  4. Oklahoma (0)
  5. Ohio State (0)
  6. LSU (0)
  7. Michigan (0)
  8. Notre Dame (+2)
  9. Auburn (-1)
  10. Texas (-1)
  11. Florida (0)
  12. Texas A&M (0)
  13. Washington (0)
  14. Utah (0)
  15. Penn State (0)
  16. Oregon (+1)
  17. Michigan State (+2)
  18. UCF (-2)
  19. Wisconsin (-1)
  20. Iowa (0)
  21. Syracuse (0)
  22. Iowa State (+1)
  23. Washington State (-1)
  24. Stanford (0)
  25. Nebraska (0)

It looks like we voted for the same top 25 as the rest of the nation, aside from shuffling a few teams around. I will say, since starting this exercise, I now realize how dumb preseason and early season rankings really are... not because they aren’t fun to talk about, but because they’re nearly impossible to accurately rank. For instance, Oregon probably should have won the game against Auburn, and if they did, they’re in the top 10 or maybe 5. Instead, the Tigers lucked out and are bumped up a few spots.