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LOOK: Mizzou Football uniform combination for the West Virginia game

Well this will certainly stir the pot...

mizzou uniform combination wvu 1 @MizzouFootball

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week... Uniform reveal time! Let’s check in on Trystan Colon-Castillo and Demarkus Acy, this week’s models:

No matter how you feel about today’s time honored tradition, or how you feel about an 0-1 team’s uniform threads, it’s nearly always controversial. “Traditionalists” rarely enjoy these, but I always think it’s fun. The players really seem to like it, and I tend to think that should be enough.

I’m not as in love with this set as last week’s white threads, but it’s also not as bad as some of the early critiques.

The white helmet and white pants may be an idea towards keeping the Tigers cooler in what could be a warm afternoon of football, since they have to go with a colored top and WVU’s uniform carries a lot of gold, it seems natural to go with the black. I don’t love it, but it’s fine.

A closer look courtesy of @MizzouFootball on twitter:

mizzou uniform combination wvu 1 @MizzouFootball
mizzou uniform combination wvu 2 @MizzouFootball
mizzou uniform combination wvu 3 @MizzouFootball
mizzou uniform combination wvu 1 @MizzouFootball