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Bottoms Up! What are you drinking during this week’s game?

Missouri is kicking off its first season with alcohol sales, and we would be pretty rude not to comply, right?

Political morning pint at Gillamoos public festival - CSU Photo by Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images

Happy game day, Missouri fans! Time to blast Every True Son and crack a cold one!

Wait... what? Yes, you heard us correctly! It’s the home opener for the Missouri Tigers, which means the official beginning of the, “Hey, we can drink here now!” era at Faurot Field. To celebrate the introduction of alcohol sales at Missouri home games, we’ll be posting weekly beer pairings from a collection of Rock M masthead and community members. If you want to participate, let us know in the comments!

Josh Matejka, The Mamoot Loyalist

I perused the beer options they’ll be serving at Faurot, and I’ll admit I was disappointed. Not necessarily in what they’ll be serving (Boulevard Wheat is criminally underrated, and I will stan for any IPA and pale ale they choose to put on tap), but in what they didn’t include.

Logboat’s Mamoot is the best beer currently made in Columbia. At 4 percent, it’s insanely crushable, and its malty coffee and caramel notes makes it a perfect brunch or breakfast pairing. I’m sad they decided to skip it for the Logboat offerings at Faurot, but I will gladly have the extra kegs shipped to my home.

Ryan Herrera, The Basic Bro

Since I’m still in college, it wouldn’t be a game day if I wasn’t drinking Natty Light, right? (editor’s note: false, it would still be game day) There’s no greater feeling than hopping out of bed, throwing a Mizzou polo on and hearing the crack of that first Natty being opened. Eventually I’ll graduate and move on to a game day Bud Light or something, but for now, gimme dat ice-cold Natty.

Karen Steger, Madam Editor

I remember not too long ago when Missouri played MO State at 11am, I had the great idea to bring a sixer of Logboat Shiphead to my high school friend’s MSU tailgate — it was “light” in my mind and ideal for early morning drinking, and guess what? NOT a great idea. I think it was the combo of it being hot as hell and an anxiety-inducing game; that unfiltered goodness turned on me and made me feel pretty terrible the rest of the day.

Another early tip brings back my morning drink PTSD so I’ll try and be more careful... I’ll be at a fancy-schmancy corporate tailgate beforehand, so I’ll probably start with a few spicy Bloody Marys (to go with my brunch) unless they’ve upped their beer game since last season. Once it’s game time, I’m just going to stick with my tried and true fave from my college days — Boulevard Wheat. Afterwards, I’m taking the ‘rents to Logboat while they’re in town to take in all that deliciousness and bask in the glory of (what had better be) a win.

AlaTiger, The Excellent Taste Haver

The first home game of the season demands a Missouri beer. My clear favorite in this category is Boulevard Tank 7. Farmhouse ales (aka saisons) are my favorite style, and Tank 7 is excellent. Its 8.5% ABV will quickly get you in the right frame of mind for an 11:00am kickoff, and its balance won’t have you asking yourself, “Why am I drinking this now?” Given that ABV, I’ll limit myself to two, but I can’t think of a better accompaniment to this game.

kristina, The Wine Preferer

11 am home opener? That screams brunch, and you can’t have brunch without a mimosa (and some dish that involves bacon!) You have to use fresh-squeezed orange juice if you can — it’s a game changer. This is where having kids is great: They find it fun, and you don’t have to do any of the work. Once that’s gone — which is highly contingent on how the game is going given last week — we’ll switch to our regularly scheduled Chardonnay, as my Saturday plans are basically watching sports all day.

RunMizzou11, The Optimist

This Saturday provides the Tigers with a unique opportunity. In the minds of many, the hopes of a historic season were dashed after 60 minutes in Laramie. In this season’s home opener, Mizzou has the chance to remind people that there is a lot of football left to be played and reboot their season. The beer I’m drinking for Saturday’s home opener had to come from Missouri; it’s Boulevard’s Reboot White IPA.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! If you’d like to contribute to one of these posts in the future, let us know in the comments! And let us know: What will you be drinking at game time?