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HALFTIME THOUGHTS: Well that was better

Missouri is up 31-0 at halftime.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The frustration this week was warranted, particularly when you see how this team is capable of playing when they absolutely dominate a rebuilding West Virginia team in the first half, 31-0.

Mizzou’s defense was flying to the ball, the offense was moving the ball at will. Even when WVU had a positive play, Missouri seems to return the favor with three of their own. Two interceptions, three passing touchdowns (two to Albert Okwuegbunam — welcome back Albert!) for Kelly Bryant...

Mizzou is a really hard team to figure out under Barry Odom.

They play so very well sometimes and look like a team capable of beating anyone. But when they’re not 100% there, it’s the complete opposite. Today, even though the penalties have been all over the field, we’ve gotten the good version of the Tigers.

They’ve won both lines of scrimmage and seem to be playing with the level of swagger they didn't have last week.

Bryant isn’t on the torrid pace he was on last week vs Wyoming, but the offense is more balanced. 125 yards through the air, but 149 total yards on the ground, including the rebirth of Larry Rountree. Meanwhile Bryant has used his legs to evade tacklers and he’s made good decisions in the pocket.

This is the Missouri team we hoped to see last week, maybe that’s more frustrating for you because we needed them to play like this last week. But the good news is they are capable, and the switch looks turned on. Now let’s finish the game.