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FanPulse 3.0: Clemson might be tough to move out of the top spot for, like, a WHILE

Keep voting, but I do have a slight bone to pick.

Week 2 of College Football is has come and gone, and so have our FanPuse votes!

If you’re signed up, this week should be a more regular week, where the poll goes out Saturday night and stays open until late on Sunday. I was still watching football when the ballot came out and just decided to vote right away. This did mean I may not have accurately ranked the West Coast teams, but who really cares about the Pac-12... AM I RIGHT, YOU GUYS?

If you still want to sign up, YOU TOTALLY CAN. Click HERE to sign up!

Obviously for Tigers fans, we know after Saturday’s performance in Laramie, Mizzou very much deserves to be left off the list. And for Missouri to be ranked, they probably need to run off two or three wins in a row... at least. So let’s hope for that.

Here is how the votes went:

(Trying a new format, next to the ranking is the difference in spots between the National voting and our voting)

SBNation’s FanPulse Week 4

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Clemson Clemson -
Alabama Alabama -
Georgia Georgia -
Oklahoma Oklahoma -
Ohio State Ohio State -
Notre Dame Auburn ↑ 1
Auburn Notre Dame ↓ 1
Utah Utah -
Florida Michigan ↑ 1
Michigan Florida ↓ 1
Texas Texas -
Wisconsin Penn State ↑ 1
Penn State Wisconsin ↓ 1
UCF Oregon ↑ 1
Oregon UCF ↓ 1
Texas A&M Texas A&M -
Iowa Iowa -
Washington State Washington State -
Boise State Boise State -
Washington Michigan State ↑ 1
Michigan State Washington ↓ 1
Virginia Maryland ↑ 1
Maryland Virginia ↓ 1
Arizona State Army ARV

Also receiving votes were: Boise State, Army, Stanford, Memphis, Virginia

It will be interesting to watch the bottom 10 teams, all of whom I’m pretty sure Missouri might be better than... and how much the Tigers have to do in order to get back into the conversation after stubbing their toe in Laramie. It looks like they righted the ship on Saturday, but I do have one bone to pick.

Let’s talk about Fan Confidence.... Last week it was 27%. This week?

That’s a... checks math... SIXTY-EIGHT PERCENT SWING. That was the largest swing of any school with more than 10 votes. I realize winning makes everyone feel better, but a 68% difference is a lot. A LOT. I tend to think Fan confidence shouldn’t be directly tied to whether you win or not on a week-to-week basis, but it should be a little bit more trend-based, right?

So while I’m thrilled we have solid participation in something I consider to be pretty fun... WOW, that’s a swing of emotions. Maybe the poll would be a little better if it was less of a yes/no question, because I’m like 82% sure Mizzou is on the right path.