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BREAKING: Schedule Movement for Mizzou

Daniel-Florida got sick so Papa Sankey is changing Eli’s play dates

NCAA Football: Missouri at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

With the Florida football program shuttering operations (for now), the SEC is doing some schedule maneuvering to get the full 10-game experience for all of its teams, Missouri included.

In a Friday news dump, and first reported by Dave Matter of the Post-Dispatch, Missouri’s new schedule will be as follows:

In order: Kentucky-Florida-BYE-Georgia-South Carolina-Arkansas-Mississippi State-Vanderbilt.

After this week’s impromptu Bye Week, Missouri will get to host Kentucky one week earlier than originally planned, then go to Florida one week later than planned for a spooky Halloween smash in the Swamp, then get another Bye Week to recover before Georgia.

If you’re trying to keep track at home, all that’s changed is that Vanderbilt is now being played December 12th, while the Kentucky and Georgia games swap places. That’s it.

After upsetting LSU at home, this will be an excellent test for the Tigers: Kentucky is a team tough enough that Missouri has lost five-straight to them and must take seriously, but not a team that’s in the the elite of the elite tier, like Georgia.

All things considered, this actually provides a nice ramp-up period, complete with a built-in recovery week before the hardest remaining game on the schedule.

Bring on the ‘Cats! We’ll get back into full-blown game week starting Monday as the Tigers gear up to break the losing streak against Kentucky.