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BREAKING: Slight movement on Week 6 Depth Chart

A message was sent last week via depth chart. Looks like the message was received

On last week’s podcast BK and I discussed the implications of Damon Hazelton being listed as a 3rd string wide receiver. Whether it was easing him back in for health reasons, practice reasons, or sending a message, Hazelton was starting the week near the back of the pack.

Whatever the reason, Hazelton made up for it.

He found himself starting against Kentucky and now has his name back at a starting wide receiver position:

1st String

In addition to the Hazelton movement, Blue Springs walk-on Cade Musser is officially the starting punt returner. He fielded 4 of the 5 punts on Saturday but, most importantly, didn’t drop any of them. That works for me.

No other movement, looks like everyone else is warm and cozy at their spots, despite both Larry Borom and Xavier Delgado missing the second half against the Wildcats due to injury.

Here’s the 2nd string, if you’re curious:

2nd String

Poor Chad Bailey will never see the field of Nick Bolton continues to be an indefatigable wrecking ball. Also shout out to walk-on Cannon York on a.) being named Cannon, and b.) holding down the back-up BUCK spot.

Obviously depth charts or more informal guesses than ironclad truths but this roster gets to go against a Florida roster with an unknown quantity of guys out. We’ll see how they stack up on Saturday.