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BREAKING: New Depth Chart, New Quarterback

So long, pesky “OR”. Embrace the Full Bazelak Experience

The depth chart for the LSU game was just released and here it is in all it’s glory:

First String

Wait a tick...what’s that at the top?




Oh hello!

That’s right! So long “OR” designation between Shawn Robinson and Connor Bazelak. For the LSU game, at least, Bazelak is your no-doubt-about-it starter.

Nothing else changed though.

Here’s the second string in case you’re curious:

Second String

We’ll see how the offense responds with Bazelak at the helm from the get go.

Also curious if Robinson comes in like Bazelak did: one series at the start of the second quarter, one towards the end.

Just another wrinkle of stuff to look for as the Tiger Bowl (possibly) occurs this Saturday.