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BREAKING: New Depth Chart, New Quarterback

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So long, pesky “OR”. Embrace the Full Bazelak Experience

The depth chart for the LSU game was just released and here it is in all it’s glory:

First String

Wait a tick...what’s that at the top?




Oh hello!

That’s right! So long “OR” designation between Shawn Robinson and Connor Bazelak. For the LSU game, at least, Bazelak is your no-doubt-about-it starter.

Nothing else changed though.

Here’s the second string in case you’re curious:

Second String

We’ll see how the offense responds with Bazelak at the helm from the get go.

Also curious if Robinson comes in like Bazelak did: one series at the start of the second quarter, one towards the end.

Just another wrinkle of stuff to look for as the Tiger Bowl (possibly) occurs this Saturday.