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NEW DEPTH CHART: Helloooooooo, COVID-related movement

Guess who’s playing backup offensive guard?! Well guess what, it’s you!

Late Tuesday night, Coach Drinkwitz met with the media and released the depth chart for the Georgia game. Faced with the issue of the first positive COVID test amongst the team in four weeks, and quarantining guys for contact tracing, there are plenty of new names in new places. Let’s take a look:

1st String

Couple of easy takeaways:

  • -Offensive line: Delgado and Borom are still out, Spencer and Foster are in...except Spencer is suspended for the first half of the game so the backup’s backup will be getting the start. Against Georgia. Cool!
  • -Kobie Whiteside and Darius Robinson are still out with injury meaning Isaiah McGuire continues to gain valuable experience and Markell Utsey will once again fill in for Whiteside...except he is also suspended for the first half of the game. At least we finally get to see what the Australian Sensation Ben Key can do in extended time!
  • -Damon Hazelton is back in the doghouse, currently listed on the third string. That leaves Tauskie Dove and the oft-invisible Keke Chism starting on the outside. We’ll see if Hazelton works his way back to starting status for the rest of the week.

And here’s the second string:

2nd String

Here’s where you really see the depth tested. Jalani Williams: backup boundary safety and free safety. Walk-on Cannon York: back up BUCK linebacker. Bobby Lawrence: Backup left tackle AND right tackle. Luke Griffin: backup left guard AND right guard AND starting left guard until Dylan Spencer comes back in the second half. Yikes.

There are some notable underclassmen who aren’t currently seeing the field, and while that’s slightly concerning in the long term, at least for this week this roster is being held together by Chinese paper and whispers. Let’s hope injuries are kind and Drinkwitz doesn’t have to go too deep to field 22 dudes.