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BREAKING: Depth Chart Released for South Carolina

Did you like the depth chart for Georgia? Good! Because It’s the same one for this week

After Eli Drinkwitz met with the media on Tuesday afternoon the new depth chart was released.

There was literally zero movement between what was released against Georgia and what we see now.

Here’s the proof:

First String

Dove and Powell are still listed as starters, Whiteside and Borom are still questionable and not listed.

Here’s the second string:

Second String

Hazelton is still in the doghouse, currently listed as an “OR” starter with Micah Wilson. Also, this was interesting:

Hansford was supposed to miss the entire season because he needed shoulder surgery but he’s put that off and could possibly start now. I don’t see his name anywhere on the official depth charts so...that’s something.

Here’s something else: despite being listed as a starter, tight end Daniel Parker, Jr. is doubtful to play on Saturday.

Luke Griffin, pulling double duty at the backup guard spots, will start in place of the suspended Dylan Spencer. Also, backup center Drake Heismeyer is now playing defensive line with a few receivers also cross training as defensive backs. None of which is reflected in the released depth chart.

Hold on to your butts, folks. South Carolina has plenty of issues on their end as well but there aren’t a ton of scholarship players available and this whole team is being held together by duct tape and negative COVID testing.