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MIZ-ZOOM: Overcoming COVID

As COVID casts a shadow over the program, the Tigers are continuing to prepare for a trip to Columbia this weekend

A few Mizzou players addressed the media Tuesday evening following practice.

The Tigers evaded any positive COVID tests for four weeks, but between last week’s positive test, the subsequent contact tracing, and general football injuries the roster is feeling very slim right now.

One of the places they are struggling in the injury department is on the offensive line. Larry Borom’s injury has thrust Javon Foster into the lineup, and after a less than stellar performance against Florida from the line as a whole, Foster says the position group has found a silver lining to the Tigers unexpected bye week, “We wanted to play last week, but it’s been helpful to make sure we get right.”

Connor Bazelak also addressed how the long lay off has been affecting him. According to the Tigers starting QB, the physical side is the most important thing to remember when you have 3 weeks between games. According to Connor, this is the longest mid-season layoff he has had between games in his career and he added that, “It’s hard not to think about it,” when asked about the unpredictability of whether the Tigers will take the field on Saturdays.

In Tiger fans’ limited experience with Bazelak under center, he has developed a reputation for always being calm and collected. However, this wasn’t always the case, at least not in his high school basketball career. Connor said that on the court he wore his heart on his sleeve a little more, “During basketball I was more animated, I’d get more frustrated, I was more emotional.” According to Bazelak, it was just his competitive side coming out.

Hopefully, Tiger fans get to see Connor’s competitive side gets to come out this weekend against the Gamecocks as the Tigers have a chance get back to .500 before the Battle Line Rivalry.