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Gamethread: Mizzou vs South Carolina

For their first game in three weeks, the Tigers head to other Columbia seeking a return to .500 on the year

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Mizzou 17 - South Carolina 10


Fourth Quarter Updates and Notes

In a game full of punts, that’s how the fourth quarter began for the Tigers as they pinned the Gamecocks deep in their own territory. Per usual for this game, the Gamecocks would punt it right back and the Tigers would also return the favor. For the first time all game, SC would punch it in. The Gamecocks would go 77 YDs on 13 plays and cut the lead to 17-10. Mizzou would give the Gamecocks one more chance to tie it up with 2:37 left to play. However, they were able to pin South Carolina inside their own 5. South Carolina’s 2 minute drill wouldn’t amount to anything however, as a pick sealed the deal for the Tigers.

  • It’s not pretty but winning games where you don’t have your A game is something that can’t be slighted.
  • This defensive performance has been impressive. It’s been slightly surprising due to the absence of Ryan Walters, but that speaks to how good the defense really is.
  • South Carolina has their dude in Doty. The kid can play.

Third Quarter Updates and Notes

After a Mizzou punt, the Gamecocks changed it up under center, and it yielded their first score of the game. Behind Luke Doty’s arm, SC was able to drive and kick a 47-YD FG to cut the lead to 17-3. Mizzou would get the ball back, but continue to struggle moving the ball and punted again. South Carolina’s next drive wouldn’t amount to much either as Mizzou got the ball back and began driving as the fourth quarter begins.

  • After the first quarter, Connor has looked nervy throwing the ball, it’s odd considering how composed he typically is.
  • The Doty kid has given SC life.
  • The offense has come out so slow. It looks like they don’t know what they are doing right now. Almost like SC has been one step ahead since the start of the 2nd half.
  • This looks like it will be a game that isn’t going to be pretty but the Tigers should win.

Second Quarter Updates and Notes

The Tigers picked it up in their first drive of the quarter as they methodically marched 58 yards and capped off a TD drive with a 1-yd Larry Rountree rush. After a South Carolina punt, Mizzou began a long methodical drive. However, disaster would strike on third down in the redzone as Bazelak would throw an interception, just his second of the year, but the Tiger defense held firm securing a first half shut out. The Tigers weren’t done, though. A well executed 2 minute drill led to a short FG and a 17-0 halftime lead with the Tigers receiving the 2nd half kick.

  • Nick Bolton gets better every week. He’s flying all over the field as usual and Tiger fans need to appreciate him while he’s here because with a good combine, you could see this guy come off the board early in the draft.
  • Establishing the run has been great this quarter. The Tigers have a lead, and if they keep running like this, South Carolina won’t be able to come back.
  • A TD would’ve been great there, but the defense is playing so well that it’s not terribly concerning.
  • Larry now only trails Brad Smith in Rush YDs.

First Quarter Updates and Notes

Mizzou’s defense took the field first and they stood strong. South Carolina would get to midfield and stall there after failing to get a 4th and 2. The Tigers and Gamecocks would trade punts on each of their next drives, both getting off to a slow start. However, Mizzou would capitalize on prime field position on their second drive, as Bazelak found Tauskie Dove in the back of the end zone on a beautiful throw and catch. Another exchange of punts would follow the opening score of the game.

  • This is a game that can’t be a letdown for the Tigers. This is the first game all year that they are favored and they need to show why
  • Martez Manuel is living in the backfield already
  • Running game is struggling, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting Bazelak. Larry needs to get going on the next drive.


TIME: 6:30 pm CT

DATE: Saturday, November 21, 2020

LOCATION: Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, South Carolina

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