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MIZ-ZOOM: Thanksgiving Edition

Coach Drinkwitz talks about the SEC schedule changes, Vandy prep, and what he’s thankful for

COLUMBIA, Mo- On Tuesday, the University of Missouri’s Head Football Coach, Eli Drinkwitz addressed the press via zoom call.

The big news this week is that Missouri will no longer be playing Arkansas on game day. Instead, the SEC announced a schedule change that pits Missouri against the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Tigers were originally supposed to play Vanderbilt back in October, however that game was postponed due to COVID-19.

Coach Drinkwitz said he and his coaching staff found out about the schedule change yesterday evening, and were nearly finished prepping for Arkansas when they got the news. Drink said he sent a text to Arkansas Head Coach, Sam Pittman, late last night telling him, “Your butt better be awake. You can’t be home sleeping since we had to change our game plan.” Pittman reportedly thought that was pretty funny.

Drinkwitz was pleased to report no new cases of COVID-19 on his team this week. There will be another round of mandatory testing again on Thursday, but the hope is that the Tigers can show up on Saturday with a full roster. According to Coach, Missouri turned in a roster of 59 scholarship players to the SEC this week. That roster does include players with injuries, however.

Kobie Whiteside has been sidelined for quite some time now. News that he’ll be back soon has been circulating, and today Drinkwitz confirmed that Missouri’s team doctor has cleared Whiteside. It’s unlikely he’ll play this week against the Commodores, but that’s excellent news to hear.

Additionally, Coach confirmed that Freshman OL, Dylan Spencer has entered the transfer portal as of this week. Coach said, “I love the young man and wish him the best going forward.” Spencer, originally from Madison, Mississippi, decided to transfer in order to be closer to home.

In other news, Ryan Walters will resume his role as defensive coordinator this week against Vandy after being forced to stay home this last Saturday in the South Carolina matchup due to COVID-19.

Shawn Robison will not be available for the second week in a row, and Brady Cook has been named Missouri’s backup quarterback. Former QB turned WR, Micah Wilson, will be the third string in case of emergency.

Finally, with turkey-day on the horizon, Coach Drinkwitz wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. He said that he was going to enjoy spending the holiday with his wife and daughters, eat some pecan pie and then head to the facility to spend the rest of his night with the players on his team who are unable to make it home for the holiday. Good coach, better man.

One player who will surely be having a blessed holiday is Cannon Yorke. The Lebanon native was a walk-on, but at a team meeting today, he was put on scholarship. Yorke started last week against South Carolina and has added much needed depth to a D-Line that has been plagued by COVID. When asked about his emotions following such a big day, Cannon said, “It meant so much to me when those guys were jumping on top of me and celebrating… it’s been a special day.”

That’s all until Saturday. MIZ.