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MIZ-ZOOM: Georgia Edition

Coach Drinkwitz gives updates all things Missouri Football at his newest press conference

COLUMBIA, Mo- On Tuesday, the University of Missouri’s Head Football Coach, Eli Drinkwitz addressed the press via zoom call.

Coach Drinkwitz began this week’s press conference call with an opening statement the same way he does every week. First, he congratulated Coach Cuonzo Martin and Missouri’s Men’s Baskteball program for winning their first three games of the season. Then he explained how he, his coaching staff and all his players are looking forward to getting the opportunity to play a top 10 team in the country, who also happens to be the team that’s currently one game ahead of Missouri in the SEC East standings.

The Tigers are currently sitting at 5-3 in the SEC East. Prior to the start of the season, analysts predicted that Missouri wouldn’t win more than three games all season. One SEC Preseason Power Ranking even had Missouri finishing dead last in the conference.

Coach touched on the fact that he has put Missouri’s football program in a position that many believed was impossible. “The results are far better than what most would have predicted, including most people on this call,” Drinkwitz said.

The Tigers have a chance to make their biggest statement yet this Saturday against the 6-2 Georgia Bulldogs. A win would propel the Tigers to second in the SEC East and would guarantee a bowl game berth (if bowl games actually happen).

A big talking point of today’s press conference was the plan to build a new indoor football facility on campus. Coach Drinkwitz explained that a proposal has been made to the Board of Directors, and it’s now a matter of reaching out to Missouri boosters and fundraising to begin construction.

Coach believes an indoor facility would vastly change the way Missouri recruits in the future. The University of Missouri has to upgrade to the same level of facilities as other SEC schools in order to recruit and play like the best SEC schools.

This week Missouri has 59 scholarship players available according to Drinkwitz. Kobie Whiteside and Tauskie Dove are questionable for the Tigers this weekend, as both were banged up in the game versus Arkansas. Additionally, Jarvis Ware will miss this week’s game against Georgia with a significant injury. Coach didn’t specify what was wrong with Ware, but said that he will get a second opinion sometime next week. Shawn Robinson will be in pads ready to go, however, after being out the last couple of weeks.

In other news, Tre Williams has reportedly left Missouri’s roster for the remainder of the season. According to coach, Williams said he is exploring options outside of Missouri football. Drinkwitz said he wishes Tre the best and that he will continue to love and support him as a person despite his decision.

The Tigers also have two players on the roster out due to Covid-19 contact tracing. Coach didn’t specify who those players were in today’s call. It’s likely that the team will monitor things closely throughout the week and continue to test players and staff regularly.

That was all the big news from today.