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BREAKING: Check out this BIG CHANGE on the Depth Chart

JK they just moved two guys on the second string lol

The new depth chart rolled out early this afternoon looks kind of familiar!

1st String

Literally. Nothing. Changed. And that’s fine: we weren’t going to learn a whole lot about this team after one beat down against Bama, and it doesn’t look like the coaches were discouraged by anything they saw to shuffle anything on the 1s. Fine by me!

The second string did get a minor rearrangement, however:

2nd String

No, Ishmael Burdine and Barrett Banister didn’t get removed after their rough outings. Instead, Trajan Jeffcoat makes his O F F I C I A L appearance on the two-deep - backing up Agent Zero Tre Williams - and with the opt-out of Chris Shearin, Jalani Williams now gets to be the backup safety to both Joshuah Bledsoe AND Tyree Gillespie. Double the chances to see the young man on the field!

Other than that, everything stays the same.