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PODCAST: Mizzou Basketball’s Regression to the Mean

Sam and Matt are back with another Episode of Dive Cuts recapping the last week and what’s to come.

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NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Dive Cuts is back with hosts Sam Snelling and Tom Crean Fan Boy, Matthew J Harris! On this week’s episode, you can expect a lot of talk about regression to the mean.

Mizzou played two VERY different games since the last episode. Florida game- YAY... and then there was Mississippi State. So what the hell happened?

Sam and Matt also look ahead to the Alabama matchup on Saturday and what else the upcoming schedule holds for Mizzou, before getting in the SEC as a whole.

Let’s Dive In.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 7:02: Since we last talked, Mizzou had both the best AND the worst performances of Head Coach Cuonzo Martin’s Mizzou career. That Florida game was great! The Gators, despite everyone else figuring out the Tigers’ offense, couldn’t get it together. Mississippi State, however, was a blow out before the first timeout. What a weird week. Let’s talk regression to the mean, which Sam’s been discussing it in his last two Study Halls. You don’t want to see such a WILD swing to the poles. No one in the fan base was prepared for that whiplash. It was absolutely jarring (editor’s note: tell me about it). Mizzou is not as good as is was against Florida, but it’s also not as bad as it was against State.

7:03 - 19:35: The Tigers figured it out against Florida, so the general thought was, they’ll go on the road and it’ll be tough, but they’ve got a formula for how they can create shots. Then they took that game plan, crumpled it up, and lit it on fire, then just forgot about it. Why would they do that? Why aren’t they being offensive aggressively? Not having a ton of weapons can limit Mizzou’s options at times, but they still should be able to find consistent offense. Sam says that they still have enough guys who have the ability to get out and be aggressive. Matt reminds us that there are plenty of teams in the country that are successful that utilize a shorter time of possession, but attack early. Does it always work? No. But it can’t hurt to try it out. That style of play worked against Florida.

19:35 - 29:17: In looking at the Bulldogs a bit more and analyzing their team, they’ve had some tough luck. Mizzou did kind of hit a perfect storm in Starkville. With some close losses, MSU was desperate for a win, and it showed. Mizzou is set to face Alabama on Saturday. Bama just beat Auburn, which was a huge emotional win for them. Is there some realistic hope that Mizzou could pull it off in Tuscaloosa and recover from that game on Tuesday? Let’s examine the Crimson Tide a bit more and what they have to offer in terms of roster and style of play. Does Missouri match up better with Alabama than they did with the Bulldogs?

29:18 - 32:35: This game could be a phenomenal time to — prepare for a wild idea here — get Tray Jackson some more minutes! What a crazy, novel idea! Tray played some 5 in high school; could we see him doing that here? Let’s give it a go! Sam and Matt are preachers at the alter of Tray.

32:36 - 45:30: Let’s take a look at what’s coming up for Mizzou Basketball, shall we? They get A&M on Tuesday, who just lost in overtime to LSU on account of Will Wade’s voodoo devil magic, but has been playing better. Then the Tigers get Huggy Bear’s Mountaineers next weekend in Morgantown, which could be a slightly terrifying matchup considering their size and style of play. This college basketball season is trash, guys. Up is down. Left is right. Nothing makes sense. Mizzou has had a bit of a front-loaded SEC schedule, and it’s been brutal.

45:31 - END: Wrapping up! Final Thoughts with Sam, where he details his weekly plans for the StL foodies out there and tells us about his home security system. So, you can expect Dive Cuts again next Thursday! Bon appetit and basketball! Last words from Matt.... He’s got a PSA. Cuonzo ain’t gettin’ fired! Make piece with that fact that he isn’t going anywhere. It can always be worse! It HAS been worse!

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