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PODCAST: Mizzou Basketball isn’t making shots

Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris returns dissecting Mizzou Basketball

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts! Sam and Matt are here to talk all things Mizzou Basketball. They recap, as always, the week that was and the week ahead. The game Saturday against WVU might be a struggle given what we have seen lately from both teams, but there are games next week against Georgia and South Carolina to preview as well!

They also discuss the McKinney transfer news and the roster outlook as it relates to scholarships and what is new on that front. Let’s Dive In.

Episode Breakdown:

1:15 - 9:25: Our Fair Tigers are 1-5 in SEC play and 9-9 overall. Not ideal. Matthew Harris is pleading with Bob Huggins to take it easy on Mizzou this weekend in the Big XII/SEC Challenge. What can we do with this losing streak Mizzou is on? Sam dives into the negative energy that surrounds Mizzou Basketball that he really tries to steer clear of, especially on Twitter. The Tigers aren’t that far off of 12-6 / 2-4. The difference, according to Matt, is another made free throw, or another three-pointer, or a good ball screen. That’s it. Watching Mizzou, you can see what it is they’re trying to do (you can!).

9:26 - 16:38: So what’s the issue if we know the blueprint? The sophomores, for one. Before the season, our hosts talked about about how Mizzou should be in the higher part of the “soft” middle of the SEC. It will be interesting to watch this team down the stretch. Disappointed in his performance at times or not, a healthy Tilmon would likely help some of these outcomes change, but the one thing holding Mizzou back is a reliable wing that can score the ball. Mizzou needs a reliable wing, and we can tell from the current roster construction who’s NOT that guy. A certain relative of someone on staff could really help with this, or finding someone who can be built into this. Let’s talk Torrence Watson. Based on what you saw from him in high school, despite him playing against lower competition, we were cautiously optimistic for some development between his freshman and sophomore years, but he’s really stagnated.

16:39 - 35:11: Last week, the pod neglected to talk Mario McKinney, Jr and his transfer (whoops). BUT, let’s talk McKinney and the roster construction now! As mentioned earlier, Mizzou needs a wing! So where can they find said wing? Sam and Matt take VERY deep dive into Mizzou’s roster (play Tray!) and who they can perhaps target. Matt & Sam are both pro-transfer, but not in Muss’ sense of extreme transfer roster construction. No matter what happens, this roster definitely needs more of a spark.

35:12 - 41:35: Big sigh. Mizzou is now 85th in KenPom. There are not a whole lot of easy ways to climb out of that ranking. They are predicted to have a 14-point difference in KenPom. Is there a silver lining to look at in regards to this West Virginia game? Moving on from that likely loss, let’s look at what’s ahead for the Mizzou Tigers. Looking ahead to Georgia, South Carolina murderball, and Texas A&M. Rally for Rhyan is February 8 against Arkansas, and the Tigers remain unbeaten in this game. (knocks on wood)

41:36 - END: Final thoughts! We’ve ventured into what seems to be a now-weekly venture into Sam’s food choices (who knew we needed this content?), and Matt gets on board recommending some bourbon, that you should keep by your side on Saturday as a coping mechanism. At some point, y’all, it WILL get better. It’s still not as bad as it was during the Kim Anderson era! And we’ll see you next week!

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