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FanPulse CBB: We voted!

Confidently? Eh.....

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This has been a weird season all over College Basketball, but especially for Missouri. Wins over Temple, Illinois, Florida, a 20 point comeback win over Georgia, losses to Charleston Southern and Texas A&M at home. Injuries to Jeremiah Tilmon... with all that it’s easy to understand where Mizzou fans’ confidence might be.


Here are the last five weeks of numbers:

  • 71.4%
  • 82.8%
  • 77%
  • 50%
  • 35%

Mizzou’s fan confidence seems to be trending down with its KenPomeroy rankings. The Tigers have fallen from 53rd at the start of conference play to 95th today. The win over Georgia was fun at the end, but that was a projected narrow win... and they narrowly won.

If Mizzou goes into South Carolina (a projected 5 point loss) and wins, I imagine two wins in a row will boost fan confidence, but it will also get the program trending back in a positive path.

Which team is the biggest disappointment in College Basketball?

  • North Carolina - 55.2%
  • Texas - 8%
  • Virginia - 7.8%
  • Florida - 5.7%
  • Ohio State - 5.6%
  • Other - 5.5%
  • Michigan - 4.8%
  • UCLA - 4.4%
  • Memphis - 3%

North Carolina kind of running away with this feels a little lazy to me. They were always expected to take a step back this year, and rely heavily on Cole Anthony. UNC is 10-10 and 82 in KenPom, but they were 6-2 and still top 30 with Anthony playing.

Texas was next, and I guess I wasn’t sure we were expecting big things from the Longhorns. Virginia lost everyone and still look to be on track for an NCAA berth. Ohio State has struggled in conference play, but they’re still top 20 in KenPom and have wins over Kentucky, Villanova, and Cincinnati.

Memphis lost the potential top overall pick in the NBA draft off their roster, so it’s hard to expect them keeping National Championship level expectations without James Wiseman in place. And both Michigan and UCLA weren’t expected to be good at all.

I voted for Florida. The Gators were a preseason top 10 team, 12th in KenPom and have fallen to 40th overall. They’re a mess offensively, and they seem to be uneven on defense. The Gators are fine, mostly, but they’re not nearly the team we expected to see this year. So that’s my vote.

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