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PODCAST: Mizzou Basketball looks to build off a comeback win

Mizzou Basketball has a chance to gain some momentum AND Sam and Matt take your questions

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Missouri vs. Georgia, 1/28/20
seanwest, Rock M Nation

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and A-1 Jaden Akins fanboy, Matthew J Harris! Mizzou had quite the comeback against Georgia and you can always find some positives in a win, let alone a big comeback win. That snapped a rough stretch for the Tigers and there is a chance to build off of that in the next few games.

Sam and Matt also take some questions submitted by you, the listeners, so let’s not waste any time and dive right in.

Episode Breakdown:

1:15 - 13:57: Mizzou won last time out! A 20 point comeback at home is nice, but how exactly did Mizzou get down 20 in the first place? Matt gives us his analysis. What triggered the comeback? What does the team need to do to buoy itself until Tilmon is back? Basically, Mizzou is a healthy Jeremiah Tilmon and a bit better 3-point% from getting there. At times, Mizzou is aggressive at the rim— is this something to build off of? Who can be those rim guys? (cough-cough) Tray Jackson. Pickett. X. Kobe (if he can get it back together after a rough few games).

13:58 - 26:29: Mizzou heads to the other Columbia for a matchup on Saturday. As stated ad nauseam, everyone in college basketball is bad. South Carolina is also bad. It would be better, obviously, if this game were in CoMo, but it’s at the bad Columbia. What should we we be looking for from the Gamecocks? Matt gives us some details about the Fighting Frank Martins. According to KenPom, we have a 35% chance to win this game. After that, Mizzou heads off to Aggieland to rematch Texas A&M, which has a 52% win expectancy from KenPom. Can Mizzou come out of this road trip 2-0?

26:30 - 1:00:00: It’s time to take some listener questions! Sam asked on Twitter and you responded. Topics include: SEC record prediction, evaluating if Mizzou is a tourney team next year (a very deep look into it), HCCM’s contract & Cuonzo’s coaching prowess- he isn’t clueless and Sam is UNHAPPY with this sentiment (Editor’s note: Me too, Sam... me too), and recruiting- can we get Josh Christopher!

1:00:01 - END: One final question about bourbon— that Matt already answered on Twitter accidentally (silly Matt). Sam and Matt give you some good suggestions that won’t break the bank (within the $30-50) range, but will satisfy your taste buds.

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