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Deep Thoughts with Karen

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, January 8

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Welcome to Deep Thoughts with Karen

A simple question— Where were you? I promise this is not meant to be accusatory, like, “WHERE WERE YOU (instead of at last night’s game)?” It’s more of a rhetorical question I was thinking to myself as I heard the newest injury news to a very important Missouri player... Yes, Facebook commenters and random twitterers, Tilly IS important, and he’s not a bum and we are not better when Nikko is playing and stop being dramatic.*

Anyway, this is what I kept thinking about at Mizzou Arena as I prepared myself to watch our beloved Tigers play without perhaps our most important player “indefinitely.” Where was I and what was I doing each of the last three years these devastating injuries were announced?

2017- Michael Porter, Jr. I was at the Iowa State game with fellow Rock M writer, Ryan Faller, and truth be told, I was so into the game and it was so loud and so wonderful to be surrounded by 15,060 of my new closest friends, I didn’t even notice the dude was sitting on the bench until the people next to me questioned his disappearance aloud. I only allowed myself to fret for a moment because, well.. that was a great game. The potentially catastrophic blow that injury caused didn’t seep in until much later. Yikes. That one stung.

2018- Jontay Porter. This one was wild and I almost injured myself in the process. I was working at my part time job and was walking upstairs to the break room looking at my phone (yes, that is unsafe, and yes, I do it anyway), when I saw the tweet from Schiff that Jontay had torn his ACL at the closed scrimmage against Creighton. I almost fell up the stairs and had to actually catch myself on the railing, repeating, “OH MY GOD” really loud over and over again, then having to explain to my coworkers, (most of whom could have given a crap) that our best hoops player was injured... again. I might have cried reading the news in more detail later (in the privacy of my own home, of course).

2020- Jeremiah Tilmon. I was just minding my own business and parking my car to run into the MU Student Center and get some food before heading over to the arena, and what does the KTGR Big Show tell me? Breaking news from the Missouri Basketball team 30 minutes before pregame. Oh god. No. HELL. NOT AGAIN.... COME ONNNNNNNN. NOT DINO JAMMIES JEREMIAH**. I couldn’t even muster up tears over this, as I am now dead inside.

*editor’s note- changed to nicer word

**editor’s note- at the ISU postgame in 2017, Tilly showed up to his very first podium appearance in what seriously looked like turquoise dinosaur pajamas- I can’t find the evidence now, but I’ve been searching for years and it is my life’s goal to find the footage)

Accurate depiction of Karen after 3 injuries to top Mizzou hoops stars.

Is it weird that I recall these moments as clearly as I recall, say, when the Cards won the World Series in 2006 when I was living in NC and at my friendly neighborhood bar, or 2011 when I was at Shiloh with my dear college friend, ChadBass, or just last year when the Blues won the Stanley Cup while I watched with friends at Flatbranch? Is that just part of my fandom? Are you all like this as well?

Anyway, enough babbling. Onto the links!

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