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FanPulse is BACK: We’re still mostly confident in Mizzou Basketball

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The final college football FanPulse of 2019 is done, and we took a little time off in between votes, but it’s all back!

We’re voting College Basketball, and it’s... uh, simplified.

The top 25 is so much more of a crapshoot, and the powers that be didn’t figure they could make it work. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Here are the week by week numbers:

  • 76.7%
  • 84.2%
  • 82.9%
  • 96.6%
  • 68.8%
  • 71.4%
  • 82.8%

You can basically follow the season along, and we were trending at 96.6% following the win over Morehead State and heading into Kansas City. Confidence was shaken but trended back up after wins over Illinois and Temple. And the last vote was before Missouri’s recent loss to Tennessee.

I’m a little less bullish on the direction of the program with the way the season has gone, but I still think the reasons we were optimistic before and early in the season exist for the overall health of the program despite a few more speed bumps than we expected.

We also voted on who was the best team... perhaps the best and most difficult question because, as I’ve said before, everyone is terrible!

  • Gonzaga - 37.5%
  • Duke - 21.3%
  • Somebody Else - 19.2%
  • kansas - 9.1%
  • Auburn - 5.7%
  • SDSU - 4.6%
  • Baylor - 2.7%

I voted somebody else because I’m still a believer in Michigan State, and secretly it could be Butler, too. But really they’re all bad.

REMEMBER: FanPulse submission applications are always open. If you want to vote in the poll you can still sign up: Click HERE to sign up!