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PODCAST: Dive Cuts— Evaluating Mizzou Basketball

Dive Cuts makes its return to talk a whole lot about Mizzou Hoops

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NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts and Rock M Nation Podcasts! After the holiday break, Sam and Matt are here to talk about some Mizzou Basketball and there is plenty to talk about, right? Our hosts get into the Tennessee game, how everything is going so far this season as well as look at some of Mizzou’s issues right now. Then they get into Saturday’s upcoming matchup with Florida and what fans should be looking out for come tip-off on Saturday.

How can Mizzou get better? What does this season have in store after this 8-6 start that not a lot of people are happy with. The Tilmon injury certainly does not help, but it’s something Mizzou is familiar with when it comes to dealing with a significant injury. This has been a weird season of college basketball. The SEC does not have a clear cut team you can trust and the same goes for College Basketball as a whole. Could that benefit Mizzou? Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

0:15 - 3:57: No time to waste. Straight to Mizzou Basketball! Matt, Tray Jackson’s #1 fan, is just so proud of his baby boy, who’s all grows up (solid Swingers reference there, and y’all should watch that movie). It’s been a minute since you last heard from Sam & Matt. Since Braggin’ Rights, things have shifted from the positive Cuonzo Train to the negative fire Cuonzo Train. A note here is that there’s at least another 2 years of Cuonzo Ball so all these feelings people have? They really don’t matter.

3:48 - 16:00: Mizzou is who they are. There are nights they shoot the ball better, others not so much. Mizzou is starting league play with a bit of a tough(er) 5-game stretch when compared to the SEC as a whole. Looking closer at the Kentucky and Tennessee games— what was the turning point? Mizzou’s margin for error is small due to their inconsistencies on the offensive side of the ball. Look at Sam’s recent Study Hall, for example. When those three players are in the trifecta, that’s not a good sign (no disrespect).

15:01 - 22:30: Mark Smith not shooting the ball at the clip many thought he would is a bit of an issue for a team that needs scoring. His production is not what we need from Mark Smith. Part of that is he is being scouted a lot more now— he’s a catch and shoot guy (same with Torrence Watson), but finding a way to produce is crucial for the shooters on this team.

22:31 - 29:00: Nobody is really good in College Basketball this year, is there? Say it with us. EVERYBODY IS BAD. It’s a weird year, right? That could help Mizzou this season, but it might make everyone go crazy this year.

29:01 - 34:50: Florida is looming and this is a game where not having Tilmon is something that could really hurt them because Florida is a big, athletic team. Making shots, especially from 3, would go a longgg way in Mizzou bringing home a W on Saturday. What are some keys to victory?

34:51 - END: The Podcast will be back on a more weekly basis, so that is good news! Other than that... FINAL THOUGHTS before the show wraps up for the week! See you next Wednesday where hopefully Mizzou isn’t 0-4!

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