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Mizzou Hoops News & Notes

Mizzou News for Friday, October 16

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Hoops Talk on a Mizzou Football-less Weekend (thanks, Covid)

Since there’s no football this week, I’ll focus on my sport of choice, BASKETBALL, and what’s going on with both hoops teams as practices have gotten started.

Joel Lorenzi of Columbia Missourian wrote about the excitement following Mizzou Hoops’ first practice, and I recommend it. In regards to Parker Braun, who was already talked up significantly in CJ Moore’s “State of the Program” piece last week in the The Athletic, Martin said:

“He’s been good... He’s always had good legs on him, but his body has filled out, so he’s been impressive knocking the 3-ball down. He’d probably be the one (player) that has stood out to me most in comparison to where he was.”

Particular attention was also mpaid to Jeremiah Tilmon as well, who “looks like senior.” Said Cuonzo:

“(Jeremiah Tilmon) has gotten better,” Martin said when asked who has improved since last season. “The conditioning piece and all that, his energy, his focus, and he looks like a guy that’s a senior in a college program ... because of how he looks, how he talks and how he moves. It says a lot about the wisdom that he’s gained over time.”

I’m a huge fan of Jeremiah Tilmon (AKA Dino Jammies), and am so glad to have him back.

With the recent news of the NCAA permitting an extra year of eligibility to Winter Sports athletes, Coach Martin mentioned he was in favor of this in Mitchell Forde’s PowerMizzou Notebook. He serves on the committee that came up with this decision, and elaborated:

Given that different teams, and likely different individuals within the same team, are almost certainly going to play different numbers of games depending on their league or the presence of the virus on their squad, Martin believes not having this season count against athletes is the most fair option.

How does this impact the NCAA Tournament, which is hell-bent on having their tournament as usual this season? The likelihood that all teams will play a full season without stretches of Covid issues is.... well... unlikely. What if teams aren’t playing the same number of games or their records are severely impacted by being out 3-4 key players? This ain’t football, and there aren’t just a bunch of tailor-made replacements in the wings (supporting evidence: see last year, and year before, and year before with Mizzou injuries). How does the committee decide who makes it and who doesn’t?

Said Zo:

“I think it’s unfair, without question, because what happens, nobody will play the same number of games. So there’s so much inconsistency, so how do you pick 68 teams for the NCAA Tournament? How do you do that? I don’t know how you do it with so much inconsistency.”

I love this team. So much. Some of these responses cracked me up. Dru “hasn’t bought into the craze that Mark tried to create” and Javon looks so confused.

On the women’s hoops front, Coach Pingeton is fired up for the new season, and Aijha is doing some great work with the Boys & Girls Club!

On to the links!

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  • High praise from Urban Meyer on CFB on Fox, who called Drinkwitz one of his coaches of the week.

Other Mizzou Sports News

  • Brian Smith’s crew is ready to get back on the mat.
  • Looks like #TigerStyle will have some fans in the seats at the next Mizzou game. Love seeing their history of excellence shown so prominently (in the form of cardboard cutouts, haha).


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