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No moral victories, only hard work and aggressive play-calling for this team

Mizzou News for Friday, October 2

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Compete. Compete. Compete.

I’ve got a roundup of odds and ends on the football front for y’all today, all encompassing the topic of toughness and competing, no matter the score, no matter how well you are playing individually... no matter what.

First up?

This from the Mizzou Football twitter account. I have a feeling our new coach isn’t a fan of participation trophies. Great coaches and great teams compete until the end.

Next up?

We knew Larry Three-Sticks would be a strength of this young Tiger team coming into this wacky season. And the first game did not disappoint, but guess what? He can do better. He knows and his coaches know it. From this post by Rock M favorite, Souichi Terada, of the KC Star:

“I’m glad he (Drinkwitz) has confidence that I can run the ball,” Rountree said. “It makes me feel that the carries that I got, I made the best of them. It wasn’t more of, ‘Larry didn’t really run that hard.’ I always try to run my hardest, whatever game we play.”

Contact is no match for Larry, either, as he will keep barreling forward. According to (referenced in Terada’s article), he actually ran for MORE yards AFTER contact than before.

“I did pretty good; I thought I could do more,” Rountree said. “Obviously, we didn’t win, it wasn’t enough. I still think I could do more just in the offense with the carries that I get. Just do more. I just need to do more. Every carry I get.”

And lastly?

Back to Drinkwitz, who is known for being both aggressive and creative on third and fourth downs, which has his team excited. In this post, also by Souichi Terada, he said that during preseason camp, the Tigers worked specifically on end zone drills and third downs, and worked closely enough with the players (especially the QBs, according to Shawn Robinson), that they’re taking on his attitude and energy.

From the article:

Drinkwitz’s zeal was showcased through his scheme and play calls, where he double-dips as Mizzou’s offensive coordinator. It’s on those money downs where the coach ups the creativity. He seeks out mismatches through motions and tries to confuse the defense.

Dominic Gicinto said this is similar to the way another team uses their wide receivers and speed... the Kansas City Chiefs. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

The coach is just getting started schematically, too, with No. 21 Tennessee on the schedule next. While the offense’s install process is long finished, the next step is execution. And once the players feel comfortable with his scheme, he can unleash more of his offense.

I don’t normally get that hyped up from reading football stuff, y’all, even though I literally read it every single day from my colleagues, and this stuff has got me really just ALL IN for Drinkwitz and this team.

By the way, there are plenty of others who feel the same. Dave Matter revealed to Ben Fred in the new Eye on the Tigers pod on Thursday that even after a loss (to Bama, mind you), the overwhelming majority of his chat commenters were positive and like the direction the team is taking.


On to the links! Don’t forget to wake up early, get your mimosas and bloody marys ready, and settle in for the game at 11! M-I-Z.

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  • Soccer hosts #13 Vanderbilt in their home opener on October 3. (More info on
  • Cross Country is back home tomorrow.
  • Soon, ladies. Soon.
  • Jeremiah Tilmon. All business.
  • Jordan Wilmore. Tall. That I can attest. (Fun Fact— he came into Target a few weeks ago, and was looking DOWN at the top shelf, trying to find face wash)
  • This is hilariously weird, Mizzou Hoops.

Other Interesting Mizzou in the Pros/Non-Mizzou Sports News

  • I know you don’t want to hear it again, but for real, go listen to The Old Man and the Three. Carmelo Anthony was Thursday’s guest and it was phenomenal. He talked about each of his stops in the NBA — some of it was just wild to hear given a player of his stature — and what led him to Portland after a year off. They also get into his social activism and how he’s been a mentor to younger players in terms of how to get involved, and they wrapped it up by talking about the IMPORTANCE OF VOTING.
  • Netflix Recommendation: Watch The Playbook. There are 5 episodes, and it is wonderful; I’ve watched three so far. The Doc Rivers ep is fantastic— My dad and I are big Doc fans (best wishes to him in Philly). Mizzou Women’s Hoop Enemy #1, Dawn Staley, headlined another episode, and it was great, as well the one with (former) USWNT coach Jill Ellis. WATCH IT.
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