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It’s about time Missouri played another football game, don’t you think?

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, October 20

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Who’s ready for some more Missouri Football?

As it stands this morning, we’ve endured 9 days without Mizzou Football. Nine whole days — 216+ hours — have passed since the Missouri Tigers shocked the college football world by taking down the defending national champion LSU Tigers.

It obviously wasn’t supposed to be this way, but there’s this thing happening in the world that I’m sure y’all know well enough about. It breaks engagements and reshuffles plans and is just generally chaotic. I’m very excited for the time when it’s not here anymore.

Anyway, after some shuffling of schedules, the Missouri Tigers are headed back to the field this Saturday to play some gosh dang football. The worst part about the whole thing? That we have to wait another 3+ days to watch it happen. In the meantime, sate your thirst for Tiger football with these links.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

Oh, and speaking of Mizzou Tigers in the NFL, Yasir Durant appears to have made his official debut with the Chiefs.

  • Summing circle around, “Damarea Crockett to the Broncos”