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Gamethread: Mizzou beats Kentucky

A streaking Wildcats team makes the trip to Columbia to face a Mizzou team that’s coming off a huge win against the defending national champs

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Score: Mizzou 20 - Kentucky 10


4th Quarter Updates

The fourth did not start how anyone rooting for the black and gold hoped. An otherwise nonexistent Kentucky passing game made a surprise appearance on a 26-YD Terry Wilson strike to the back of the endzone that cut the Mizzou lead to 7. I guess the defense couldn’t be perfect all day, but they definitely stepped back up on Kentucky’s next drive. A big 3&Out killed any momentum the Wildcats had and gave Mizzou the ball back with 10:11 to play. The 4-minute offense was run to perfection. Killed clock and marched down the field, it was exactly what you wanted to see in the situation of being up one score in the 4th. The FG by Mevis made it 20-10 and put the game almost out of reach. The fumble forced by Bledsoe sealed the deal, and Tigers were on their way to victory.

4th Quarter Notes

  • Kentucky did nothing passing all day then Terry Wilson proceeded to throw an absolute dime, makes you wonder where that had been all night.
  • That 3&Out right after the Kentucky TD to start the half looked disastrous, but the defense stepping up to not let Kentucky make it any closer was huge.
  • The connection between Bazelak and Drink seems to already be so tight. He’s only a freshman but it’s clear Bazelak has Drink’s trust.
  • The 4 minute offense may have only resulted in a FG, but killing 7:04 of clock was bigger than the end result. Huge confidence booster when it comes to believing you can win a game down the stretch.
  • DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Need I say more.

3rd Quarter Updates

The first drive of this half showed almost all of Bazelak’s strengths. He moved in the pocket, he took what the defense gave him, and he was clutch on 3rd and 4th down. The fact that they came up empty had to sting after marching down the field so methodically and making big play after big play. The Mizzou defense answered the call again, however. After being solid all day, they added some flash with that big hit from Bolton on 3rd down. The offensive drive that followed was clinical and efficient. The Tigers got into the red zone with 2 big plays, then worked their way into the endzone 4 plays later. With very little time left in the 3rd, Kentucky put together one of their best drives of the game and will have 1st down from the Mizzou 36 to start the 4th quarter. However, the Tigers still lead 17-3.

3rd Quarter Notes

  • I feel like a broken record, but Bazelak’s poise continues to amaze me. He rarely seems mentally overwhelmed and seems to make the right play 9 times out of ten.
  • That Nick Bolton was electric. I need that in my life every week.
  • Kentucky’s defense is good, but this offense seems so subpar. I feel like if they are going to get back in this game, they need a spark from their defense to light a fire under their team.
  • It’s reassuring that this offense can score with big plays like they did against LSU and play methodically like they have today. It hasn’t been pretty, but against one of the premier SEC defenses, I’ll take this production any day.
  • Mizzou has 351 YDS and Kentucky has 95. That tells you all you need to know about this game. If Mizzou doesn’t finish this one up, it will be a major let down.

2nd Quarter Updates

The Tigers started off the second quarter strong scoring on their first drive of the quarter. Getting on the board first could be huge this game. Following the Larry Rountree TD run, Mark Stoops made an interesting call to insert Joey Gatewood at QB in place of Terry Wilson. However, the decision proved to be right as Kentucky had their most successful drive so far going 7 plays and 44 yards for a FG to cut the deficit. Although the Tigers weren’t able to muster anything on the next drive, it seemed like the defense quickly adjusted to Joey Gatewood and put out any spark he had given that Kentucky offense. Mizzou got a chance to showcase their 2 minute drill to end the half, and almost executed it to perfection. Getting stuffed on the 1 was a tough outcome, but in a grind-it-out game like this points are at a premium. Harrison Mevis hit the 18 yarder he was left with to put the Tigers up 10-3 at the half. They will also receive the second half kick.

2nd Quarter Notes

  • That 4th down conversion early was huge. The trust Drink already has in this offense has to make fans excited for the future and what is to come.
  • Joey Gatewood getting action was definitely a surprise. Wilson has been the guy under center for Kentucky for a while.
  • The offense with Gatewood looks like it has much more life, and perhaps this game will begin to open up.
  • Although the offense has been much less explosive today, it hasn’t been bad. Bazelak is taking what the defense gives him and not trying to force anything. For a young guy, that shows a lot of maturity.
  • This defense is playing great today. Kentucky still has only 9 yards passing and are being held to under 4 yards a carry. Despite the offensive struggles, fans have to be optimistic that both the offensive and defensive units have a high ceiling, and when they both put it together, this team looks like it could be in for a much better season than many predicted in the preseason.
  • Loved to see the execution of that 2 minute drill, just wish it would have ended in points.
  • Bazelak’s throw to Chism on third down was a big time play. This kid looks mature beyond his years, and I can’t wait to see him continue to develop.
  • At the half, Bazelak is 13-17 125 YDS and Larry has 17 for 58 and 1 TD
  • The team as a whole has rushed for 98 YDs on 25 carries, while Kentucky has been held to 15 carries for 56 YDs.
  • The way the defense has made Kentucky completely one dimensional has been impressive. Very excited to see if they can do it for a full 60 minutes.

First Quarter Updates

Well this isn’t the LSU game that’s for sure. Both teams have had strong defensive performances. In this first quarter alone, there have been more punts than the entire game against LSU. The good news for the Tigers is the offense has been playing better than the Wildcats. The Tiger defense has stayed strong in stopping the run, and they’ve shown the ability to play coverage, too. From my view, despite the game being deadlocked, Mizzou has had the upperhand. Neither team is moving the ball well, but Mizzou is moving it better, and their defense is having a stronger performance. Hopefully the second quarter will bring us some points. Mizzou will have a big 3rd & 10 from midfield to start the second.

First Quarter Notes

  • The Tiger defense looks much improved from week 1 on 3rd down. Maybe we were too hard on them, they were playing Alabama after all.
  • We might start every game with a flee flicker at this point.
  • This game will not be explosive heavyweight fight we got against LSU. Points will be at a premium.
  • Terry Wilson is just 2-6 for 9 YDs and the Wildcats have 8 carries for 13 total yards. The Tigers are showing that this defense is for real.
  • Bazelak is 5-6 and the team is averaging over 4 yards a carry, it seems like they are due to put a drive together, but in a game like this anything can sway the momentum either way.

Missouri - Kentucky Pregame Updates

TIME: 3:00 pm CT

DATE: Saturday, October 24, 2020

LOCATION: Faurot Field; Columbia, MO

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