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Will we or won’t we... have a game on Saturday?

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, October 28

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So... about that game on Saturday...

Y’all... I don’t know about you guys, but this whole visiting the Gators this weekend thing doesn’t sound too promising. Nate agrees, so of course this is the correct take.

Six. new. positive. tests. On top of the others.

Substitute in Gainesville, obviously. I’m not a GIF sorcerer like Josh.


G. Allan Taylor of The Athletic covered Florida’s first practice after they were forced to shut things down for their massive Covid outbreak. While the coaches over there at The Swamp are saying things are “business as usual,” that’s... well... not exactly true. Shutting down practice means a lot of things, according to Taylor, who had this to say:

There’s bound to be rust after such a midseason interruption. The staff sought to treat the layoff as a bye week, but bye weeks feature practices and workouts and teammates actually interacting. With the football facility shut down by a COVID-19 outbreak — more than 25 players with positive tests and several others forced to isolate out of precaution — the interaction was limited to cliques and the physical reps were absent.

According to his talks with the coaches, they have utilized a lot of Zoom learning, but really, that doesn’t take the place of actual football practice. Sure, they got to look at Mizzou’s film for 9 days, but they’re not ON THE FIELD.

And, Taylor mentioned, not everyone returned to practice on Monday because of the rules regarding positive tests and contact tracing. According to SEC rules, those found to be impacted by contact tracing have to isolate for 14 days regardless of a negative test. “For those deemed positive shortly after returning home from the A&M trip October 10,” he said, those athletes are likely recovered. “But players who found out they had the virus the ensuing week are still in the margins.” AND THAT’S NOT COUNTING THE NEW ONES.

Of course, Dan Mullen, who not too long ago (before he himself caught the Covid), said he wanted to pack the stands with 90k people because the governor said it was okay (newsflash: it ain’t okay... my parents live in FL and they will attest, IT’S NOT OKAY), but at this rate, he’ll be lucky to get the required amount of players needed total and in each position group. Perhaps Dan doesn’t need to worry about the fans?

And of course he’s not offering up any specifics on problems within specific groups, which doesn’t seem to be sitting all that well with Drinkwitz. At his press conference today, he said that there haven’t been any additional positive tests for the Tigers, but testing isn’t complete, and he’s not offering up any injury updates. SO THERE.

For more information on the Florida take on this, do check out G. Allan Taylor’s article in The Athletic; it’s well worth the read, as is everything from that site.

One more thing to leave you with— this, from Tre Williams, as the team prepares for Florida. You really do love to see it. Included is the link to the full video, courtesy of Andrew Kauffman of ABC17.

On to the links! There A LOT for you today, so kick up your feet and take a break.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Connor Bazelak spoke with Sirius/XM CFB’s Aaron Murray.
  • Drinkwitz made Herb’s list of Top Performing Coaches again. Congrats, Drink!


  • I don’t think this was shared in the links yesterday, and if it was, I apologize. But... uh... who exactly is Mizzou going to play less than a month from now?
  • X and Dru. Also, LOVE those practice jerseys. Will we see those as actual game jerseys this season? HOPE SO.
  • And important for ME, but what will I do when if I can’t get tickets when it’s time on Thursday for me to log in to select my seats for this season? I got an email from the Tiger Scholarship Fund telling me when I can log in to select my seats for this season... assuming there are some available. Y’all, please cross your fingers. I’m terrified.
This is me. And I would appreciate it if this is also you. PLEASE?!? I don’t ask for much.
  • Photo Day continues with Women’s Hoops. Tuesday’s subject? Micah Linthacum.

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Diamond sports season will be here before you know it... Covid, you stay away. You can check out highlights from the softball scrimmage here.

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