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PODCAST: A Showdown in the Swamp Looms for Mizzou Football

Nate and BK return to put a bow on the Kentucky game and preview Mizzou vs. Florida

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Nate and BK have crunched the numbers and rewatched the game from Saturday and we can confirm Mizzou did beat Kentucky last Saturday SO they offer their final takeaways from that before we turn our attention to this Saturday.

Florida is up next for Mizzou, so Nate and BK preview that game and it could be a good one. Florida has some COVID issues, which could help Mizzou, but you never know! What should you be on the lookout for come Saturday and if Mizzou won, what would that look like? Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:45 - 8:15: Welcome back Tiger Fans! Moving on from Kentucky, BUT there are a few things to go over and let’s also start with some news regarding an arrest with a (now former) Mizzou WR. That is not good, but what does it mean from a football sense?

8:16 - 34:23: Remember when we beat Kentucky? That was good news! What are some final takeaways from that game before turning the attention fully to Florida? From the gameplan to the defense, let’s recap it and see what the numbers said. This was just a beatdown by Mizzou, which was awesome. Also, Keke Chism has not quite lived up to the hype around him coming out of camp. Will that change?

34:24 - 44:52: A new depth chart is out and there are minimal changes BUT there are some changes. What can we make of those? And the O-Line got a little banged up against Kentucky. Cause for concern or will everyone be available?

44:53 - 1:06:28: Mizzou heads to the swamp to face a talented Florida team, that is dealing with COVID issues so we are not sure who is available, but never the less, they are still a talented bunch. PREVIEW TIME! Trask and Pitts are the keys to the Florida offense. Can they be stopped? Can Mizzou win this game? Sure, but it is really hard to project what will happen in this game!

1:06:29 - END: Final thoughts and there are a lot of good vibes going on around the Mizzou Football Program. Let’s hope that continues and we will see you for the reaction pod on Sunday!

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