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GAME THREAD: Mizzou looks to climb Rocky Top for first win of the season

The Tigers look to bounce back in the second week of the season against the #21 ranked Tennessee Volunteers

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Missouri v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Live Updates:

Final: Mizzou-12 Tennessee-35

4Q 1:00: Tennessee looks to run out the remainder of the clock up 23.

4Q 3:15: Despite the scoreboard, Mizzou continues to push the ball down field. A series of small rushes and passes and the Tigers find themselves at the Volunteer 30. Mizzou is unable to convert on third so they go for it on fourth and 14. Incomplete and a turnover on downs.

4Q 7:44: A pass interference call against Ennis Rakestraw gives Tennessee a new set of downs at the 3 yard line. Mizzou puts up an incredible goal line stand to force a fourth and goal from the 1. The Vols decide they’re going for it and they get it. QB sneak for 6 more. Extra point is good. 35-12 Tennessee.

4Q 12:14: Mizzou begins their next drive from their own 35. Bazelak connects with Hazelton for a first down and then Rountree picks up another on the ground, but Theo Jackson intercepts Bazelak deep in Vols’ territory. Tennesee regains possession.

3Q End: An interesting decision the following kick-off gives Tennessee great field position at their own 35, but a false start and holding penalty helps the Tigers’ D get off the field. Tigers get the ball to start the fourth down 16. Still a ballgame.

3Q 2:06: The Tigers face a fourth and 1 on their next drive, but manage to convert the play. Mizzou enters the Vols’ red zone for the first time this half. A couple of carries from Rountree but the tigers get stopped at the 1 yard line on third down. Drinkwitz has to decide to go for it down 22 points or take the field goal. He elects to go for it on fourth down and the Tigers punch it in with Rountree. Two-point conversion is no good. 28-12.

3Q 6:27: The Tigers struggle to put pressure on Guarantano, who continues to lead the Volunteers down field. Nick Bolton is sidelined with an apparent injury. The Tigers could really use a turnover right about now. Instead, Eric Gray rushes the Volunteers to the 1 yard line. Tennessee punches it in the next play. 28-6 Vols.

3Q 12:56: The Tigers suffer a block in the back penalty on the kick off to begin the second half. They’ll begin their drive from their own 6 yard line. Bazelak remains out there as quarterback. Bazelak connects with Tyler Badie on the first play to get upfield. The Tigers still get stopped before the 50 and are forced to punt.

Halftime: The Tigers head into the locker room trailing by 15. Drinkwitz could have potentially put points on the board to end the half, but he elects to not use a single timeout. Either way, the Tigers will receive the ball to start the third quarter. If Mizzou stands a chance in this ball game, they need to stand up on defense.

2Q 0:44: Guarantano completes a nice reception to Jaylin Hyatt and then another big gain on the ground puts the Volunteers deep in Tiger territory. Tennessee gets another touchdown. This time it’s Eric Gray with a reception. 21-6 with less than a minute in the quarter.

2Q 4:17: Tennessee begins their next drive with an impressive 16 yard run but then goes a quick three-and-out. Mizzou takes over. An absolute dime was dropped by Gicinto on first down. Could have easily been 6. Later, a broken play turns into about 20 yards after Bazelak drops the snap. That was a big play for the Tigers. Some nice running by Badie on the drive as well. Unfortunately, Bazelak takes a sack on third down. Mevis knocks through a 50 yard field goal. 14-6.

2Q 10:17: Down two touchdowns, the Tigers need to start producing. Connor Bazelak is in the game now. Larry Rountree puts together a nice run complemented by great blocking in the trenches. Bazelak connects with Damon Hazelton and the Tigers are in Tennessee’s redzone. Can’t covert on third down but the Tigers take a field goal. 14-3.

2Q 14:44: A fumble recovery gets reviewed but the huge play is overturned by a hands to the face penalty. Martez Manuel is also shaken up on the play. Tennessee scores on the following play with Eric Gray. 14-0 Tennessee.

1Q End: The Volunteers are driving to end the first quarter. They’re already 3/3 on fourth down. The Tigers need an answer for Tennessee’s run game. A turnover would mean a lot on this drive.

1Q 3:24: The Tigers are unable to get anything going offensively to start the game. Tennessee quickly gets the ball back after a three-and-out.

1Q 4:15: The Volunteers’ first play of their second drive begins with a targeting foul on Trajan Jeffcoat however the call was overturned. Tennessee still manages to pick up good yardage on the ground with RB Eric Gray and through the air with Guarantano. Mizzou holds Tennessee to a field goal attempt but it’s missed. Still 7-0.

1Q 6:45: Shawn Robinson under center for the Tigers’ first drive of the day. Rountree picks up the first new set of downs for the Tigers this afternoon. Mizzou cannot convert on the ensuing set of downs. Tennessee ball on their own 21.

1Q 10:01: The Volunteers suffer a false start on the opening play of the game and then convert a fourth and 1. Tennessee QB Guarantano marches the Volunteers down into the Tiger redzone where they go for and convert another fourth and one. Volunteers punch it in with RB Ty Chandler from the 4 yard line. 7-0 Tennessee.

1Q 15:00: Tigers win the toss and elect to kick off.

Updates to follow

Missouri-Tennessee football: Pregame updates

TIME: 11:00 A.M. CT

DATE: Saturday, October 3, 2020

LOCATION: Neyland Stadium; Knoxville, TE

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