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Gamethread: Mizzou vs Florida

Mizzou travels to Gainesville looking to extend their win streak to 3 against the No. 10 Gators

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Score: Mizzou 17 - Florida 41


4th Quarter Updates

In their first drive of the quarter, Mizzou actually put together a decent drive that got deep into Florida territory. However, on 4th and 1, Drink elected to kick, and the Tigers only cut the lead to 34-10. However, like most of the night, the Tigers could never build any momentum as the Gators responded right away with another TD. Mizzou answered with a Larry Rountree TD to make it 34-17, but it was too little too late. The Tigers forced a turnover on Florida’s last drive, but returned the favor after a Bazelak fumble. The Gators wound the clock down from that point.

4th Quarter Notes

  • This might be a reality check for Tiger fans. The last two wins were awesome and fun, but Drink’s rebuild is still a work in progress.
  • Florida looks like they didn’t miss any practice. The narrative of rust has been put to bed easily. Their game against UGA should be a heavyweight fight.

3rd Quarter Updates

To start the 3rd quarter, Florida marched straight down the field, and Toney’s 3rd TD of the night put 20 points between the Gators and the Tigers. The next three possessions resulted in two Mizzou punts and one Florida punt. On the following drive Florida would continue where they left off punching another TD in to take a 34-7 lead as the 3rd wound down.

3rd Quarter Notes

  • Toney is putting Florida on his back
  • Mizzou can’t get anything going offensively, literally nothing
  • This game is all but over, looks like the win streak won’t reach 3.

Halftime Ejections

  • Mizzou DL Tre Williams
  • Florida Zachary Carter and Antwuan Powell

Second Quarter Update

Florida would get to midfield, but big pressure up the middle by Nick Bolton would force Kyle Trask to throw the ball up into coverage. That ball never found Gator hands, and Jarvis Ware ran it all the way back to give Mizzou a 7-6 early in the 2nd. After scoring, the Tiger defense stayed energized and forced a punt to get it back to the offense, this time with a lead. On the very first play, Jalen Knox dropped a near perfect pass that was good for at least 40 yards and maybe a TD. Following that the Tigers couldn’t get much going, and after a controversial no encroachment call when the Tigers tried to draw Florida offside, they punted back to Trask and co. However, Florida couldn’t get anything going either giving it right back to Mizzou, but Mizzou would do the same on their drive. On thier next drive, the Gators would capitalize. With a heavy does of Trask and Kadarius Toney, they were able to go up 13-7. While trying to run the 2-minute drill on their next drive, Bazelak and Badie had a major miscommunication on an RPO that led to a fumble recovered by the Gators. On their next play, Trask found a wide open receiver and a 20-7 lead. It looked like Mizzou was going to get something going on their next drive, but a big completion to Damon Hazelton was called back after replay review forcing another punt. At the half, the Tigers trail 20-7.

Second Quarter Notes

  • It’s about time Mizzou intercepted a pass
  • Nick Bolton is an absolute monster, it seems like every week he gets better
  • I can’t believe Jalen dropped that ball.
  • Mizzou’s defense has improved every week. This is a great Florida offense they are containing currently.
  • This game got out of hand quickly at the end of the second quarter.
  • Florida gets the ball to start the second half...
  • Don’t really understand the fight at the end of the half. The hit was late, but not all-out-brawl late.

First Quarter Update

Mizzou got the ball to start the game, but after a Damon Hazleton drop and a penalty, they did not get off to the start they wanted as they went 3&Out. It looked like Florida would march right down the field for a 7-0 lead after converting a big 4th down, but Ennis Rakestraw had a huge PBU to force the Gators to settle for a FG and a 3 point lead. Mizzou came out gunning in their second drive and it was the Jalen Knox show to start. He caught a pass and had a big run to get the Tigers across midfield. The Tigers would also stall in the red zone, however, and settle for 3. But after a high snap, Mevis missed the kick keeping the Florida lead at 3. The high powered Gators offense marched right back down the field, however, the Tigers bent but didn’t break and forced another FG attempt. The made FG pushed the Florida lead to 6. The Tigers got the ball back and still couldn’t get anything going. After one first down, another Mizzou punt ensued. Gators have the ball to start the 2nd. More disaster ensued for Mizzou on the next drive. A

First Quarter Notes

  • Damon Hazelton needs to stop dropping the ball
  • Jalen Knox is our best offense. Point blank, period.
  • Florida does not look rusty
  • Florida’s defense looks much improved despite missing 2 weeks of practice

Q1 2:10

Pregame Updates

TIME: 6:30 pm CT

DATE: Saturday, October 31, 2020

LOCATION: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium; Gainesville, FL

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