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SBN Reacts: Pre-UT loss, Mizzou fans are still riding the Drink-confidence

We’ve no real reason to not believe in the direction of the program, but this season is looking like a rough one.

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It didn’t take long, but the college football season has already delivered a round of massive upsets. Two top-10 teams fell to unranked opponents last week, with two more nearly meeting the same fate. And things certainly got fun yesterday with Texas losing to TCU, and Oklahoma losing again to Iowa State.

According to our most recent (last weeks) SB Nation Reacts survey, fans believe one team should be most concerned over the rest. Nearly half of fans who responded said they believe LSU should be the most concerned, and it’s easy to see why after they were torched by Mississippi State.

The defending national champions lost a LOT in the offseason but were still ranked No. 6 last week and playing Mississippi State at home. They recovered a bit with an easy win over Vanderbilt. While Oklahoma lost at home to unranked Kansas State and followed that up with a road loss to Iowa State. Texas and Texas A&M were able to survive last week with wins, but both games were decided by a touchdown or less, and both looked less than great this week..

However, the most anticipated game of the weekend is a different SEC matchup, as No. 7 Auburn goes on the road to play No. 4 Georgia.

As for Tigers fans, confidence held steady despite the lopsided loss to Alabama last weekend. For the second week in a row 89 percent of Missouri fans said they are confident the team is headed in the right direction.

The Tigers face another difficult challenge this week as they play Tennessee on the road.

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