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Hurricane could affect Mizzou’s Week 3 game in Louisiana (no, we’re not kidding!)

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, October 6

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Pandemics and fires and hurricanes? Oh, my

So, 2020 has been fairly normal right? Like, I get that it’s an election year and those tend to be a bit off the rails. But nothing else is happening in the world. Nothing that would affect mass swaths of people across the globe or large regions of the United States, right?

Oh. I’m sorry. I realize this must seem to be a bit in poor taste. Of course, I’ll apologize — I’m not sure how I could forget that hurricanes are always coming and going at this time of year. Oh wait, you were thinking of something else?

As if the 2020 season wasn’t wild enough with COVID schedules, the cancelling and uncancelling of seasons and players opting out to opt back in, now it looks like Missouri may have to face some complex weather patterns. According to multiple tracks, Tropical Storm Delta is set to become a Hurricane in the coming days and make landfall within 24-36 hours of when the Tigers are set to play LSU this weekend.

Dave Matter wrote about how things could look in case of inclement weather, but here’s the very latest from the National Weather Service as of Monday evening.

Now maybe I’m just no good with state geography, but I’d imagine that storm could very well affect Saturday evening’s game. If the track stays similar to what is shown above, then the storm would be well into Alabama by the time kickoff is set, but that doesn’t mean it won’t move through Louisiana the night before.

Of course, we’ll keep an eye on this as close as we can, as will everyone covering Missouri. College football fans (and Americans, no doubt) have suffered through a hellish 2020 — the last thing we all needed was a hurricane to worry about.

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