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MIZ-ZOOM: Game on Saturday in Jeopardy

Drink addressed the media this week and shed some light on the team’s first positive test in four weeks.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Drinkwitz addressed the media for weekly availability tonight, and he had some concerning news to share about the Tiger football program.

According to Drink, the Tigers have their first positive COVID test in four weeks. While it is only one positive test, Coach added that contact tracing has severely limited one position group in particular. Which position group it is was not disclosed, but the Tigers have played games in similar situations to this earlier this year. Drink compared it to the LSU game in which every starting receiver was out due to contact tracing. The good thing for Tigers fans is that the last time this happened, Mizzou pulled off a big upset against a national power, and they’ll have the chance to do it again this week.

Tomorrow at Noon C.T. is the deadline for the SEC to make the call on whether the Tigers will have enough players for the game to be played, so expect that announcement tomorrow on whether the Tigers will suit up this week.

If the Tigers do play this week, they’ll be facing the Georgia Bulldogs who have one of the best defenses in the country despite struggling last week against Florida. Drink was asked if the Mizzou offensive staff saw anything they can take from last week’s Florida victory, and he said, “It’s all about matchups, I like the guys we have... the trick of coaching is to create our matchups with our players against their guys.” He also cracked a joke saying it’ll be a lot harder because, “We don’t have Kyle Pitts.”

For now, Tiger Nation must wait for the announcement tomorrow to see if the Tigers will get the chance to pull off another major upset this season.