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PODCAST: Mizzou Football might host Georgia and Recruiting Thoughts!

Nate and BK talk recruiting, Nate talks with Nathan Lawrence of DawgSports, and Mizzou might play Georgia Saturday

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Yes, Nate and BK recorded the show before the Georgia game was postponed, and yes, more than half the episode is Georgia-focused talk but...hey! Let’s listen anyway because they work super hard and we love them. Right?

Episode Breakdown:

:45 – 2:40: Welcome back Tiger Fans! Nate and BK jump right into the action surrounding Mizzou Football as, at the time, we did not know what the COVID issues were outside of the one positive test that affected a whole position. Point and laugh at the guys’ naïve positivity of the game being played.

2:41 – 26:55: There is some good news for the Tigers outside of the games. Mizzou landed a SOLID transfer on the interior O-Line and that will help probably starting next year. What does the film say about him? This also shows that Drinkwitz can and has been finding talent at positions he identifies as an immediate need. That’s good! Let’s talk ‘crootin.

26:56 – 33:40: Back to the present issues at hand for Mizzou. COVID. Drinkwitz did not say which group has been affected the most by COVID, but the guys were right in thinking that it was either O-Line or D-Line. If this game against Georgia isn’t played this weekend, does it get played at all?

33:41 – 1:02:29: Nate talks with Nathan Lawrence who covers and podcasts about the Georgia Bulldogs for DawgSports. They get into the injury concerns, who the QB will be, what to watch for, and other thoughts from the Georgia perspective to get you ready for what we hope is a game on Saturday.

1:02:30 – 1:13:59: Thank you Nathan Lawrence for stopping by to preview the Georgia Bulldogs with our very own Nate Edwards. Now, Nate and BK breakdown what they are looking for come Saturday. Georgia basically needs their defense to win a game. Similar to a team we once knew a few years ago, right?

1:14:00 - END: Does Mizzou have a chance on Saturday and if so, what does that look like? Also let’s talk what the spread looks like and if Mizzou could cover said spread. It could just depend on who is the QB for Georgia. Nate and BK also share their prediction and we will see you on Sunday for a reaction podcast IF the game is played.

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