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Sunday Live Thread

If you need a place to gather and talk, here’s your stop!

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

So full disclosure here, I was pecking away at the SEC previews and picking games with nearly full schedules, when I realized it was 11:45pm and I hadn’t planned something to write for the morning.

Sorry about that everyone! But the good news is, the games are picked out, and I have four previews done, so they’re going to come in a FLOOD this week as we inch nearer to basketball season.

Some good recruiting news:

Mizzou DT target Realus George announced his recruitment is open and the Tigers are among the top schools recruiting him.

George is a former Miami Hurricane and played Fullback for them. He transferred to Independence and has remade himself into a prime Defensive Tackle. And you definitely want a guy named REALUS on your team.

I don’t even wanna bring this up... but...

Matt Harris now has to start building out the 2024 recruiting board:

Jahvin Carter is a TWENTY-TWENTY-FOUR recruit and a nice looking guard prospect. But 2024? Bleh.

I guess it’s South Carolina week. Missouri and the Gamecocks always play entertaining, if destructive, games. Obviously there’s no guarantee on football week-to-week, but we can be hopeful. Be prepared for a full week of content as we ramp up Hoops coverage on top of regular game week coverage. Three podcasts, previews, and more. Have a good Sunday everyone!