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PODCAST: Mega SEC Basketball Preview

Sam and Matt are joined by our good friend Blake Lovell to preview the entire SEC

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NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew J Harris! Sam and Matt have got a MEGA SEC BASKETBALL PREVIEW in store for you and are joined by friend of the pod, Mr. Blake Lovell of Blue Ribbon Yearbook!

Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:30 - 11:00: Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts and THIS is the preview you needed. Sam and Matt are joined by good friend of the site, Blake Lovell, of Blue Ribbon Yearbook. Blake is the only person who watches as much SEC hoops as our hosts, so this should be fun. Before the rankings get started, they check in with him: What’s the over/under for how many non-conference games each SEC team will play this year? In reality, the conference schedule is not that much different than other ones, but COVID exists and will surely change things. We’re already seeing changes in the non-con with MTE’s. Anybody know the COVID protocols on an Indian reservation? Asking for the Tigers...

11:01 - 30:03: Let’s start at the cellar, shall we? The bottom tier of the league is... you guessed it. Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, and Georgia. What can we expect from these three teams this year outside of the general consensus that they will be 12th-14th in the league? Special Note: If you are a Vandy fan, the conversation is lengthy!

30:04 - 42:10: In the middle tier, we find Texas A&M and Buzz Williams, who certainly hope to do better than last year, but that will probably be easier said than done. Frank Martin and the South Carolina Gamecocks are in this tier as well, and have about 37 guards and a couple of posts... so that should be interesting.

42:11 - 52:01: Moving on, Sam is ready for some disagreement when it comes to discussing where Ole Miss will finish. Sam thinks they will be a lot lower in the league than many people are ranking them. Matt is indifferent on Ole Miss, but Blake has them at about 6th in the league. He’s something of a Kermit Davis stan. There’s a lot to discuss.

52:02 - 70:30: Next up is Auburn, who is a giant question mark. Matt has no idea how to rank them nor what they will be. I mean, they lost THEIR STARTING FIVE. They could be great or they could be terrible. Who knows! Blake is high on Auburn, too, and he’s definitely a Bruce Pearl Stan. Alongside Auburn we find Arkansas s, who might be good this year, as long as a transfer or two is there to guide them. What’s the Razorbacks’ ceiling this year?

70:31 - 83:20: What about Alabama? A lot of people like them. Nate Oats’ squad has talent, but is this going to be a year where the talent shows out and they are very successful, or is it just another moderately successful year? Who are they bringing back? Florida kind of fits into this same area. Mike White’s team is expected to have a better year, but will they? Will Keyontae Johnson be the SEC Player of the Year? The trio has differing opinions on this.

83:21 - 105:36: Moving on to the highest tier, is LSU going to be good this year? Despite the ‘NCAA thing” hanging over their heads (cough-cough), their talent is good enough to win this league. How will their defense be, though? Tennessee and Kentucky are also teams that should finish towards the top of the league. which should not surprise anyone. Who is going to finish on top?

While not likely to be found in this tier, since this IS a Missouri Tigers podcast, the hosts get Blake’s opinion on Missouri as well. Does the experience matter? What about the offense?

105:37 - END: And, that’s the SEC in a nutshell! Sam and Matt will return for an episode on Wednesday next week to recap a GAME! Mizzou is set to take on Oral Roberts and it should be fun to break down actual basketball.

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