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Rock M Nation + Homefield Apparel = Black Friday Dealz

Do YOU like awesome vintage-y Mizzou gear at a discount? Heh, me too!

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homefield apparel

So some fun news, we’ve joined forces with the awesome folks at Homefield Apparel! If you’re unfamiliar with Homefield, they make really great vintage shirts and hoodies for your favorite school... in this case it’s Mizzou.

On top of that, today is BLACK FRIDAY — and that means **DEALZ**DEALZ**DEALZ**!!

So if you’re struggling to find a gift that perfectly encapsulates you or your loved one’s passion for Truman? Whether you’re buying a holiday gift for others or just trying to show off your impeccable style this holiday, Homefield’s got you covered.

Homefield digs through Mizzou’s archives to create unique, thoughtful designs, and prints them on the comfiest hoodies and tees that you will ever own.

Shop this weekend and get 30% off your ENTIRE ORDER with code BFROCKM at checkout.

homefield apparel