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MIZ-ZOOM: Bye Week

The Tigers are on a bye this week as they prepare for the Georgia Bulldogs on the 14th

At noon today, Coach Eli Drinkwitz addressed the media for his weekly availability to give updates on the Tigers. Due to the election on Tuesday, this week’s availability came on Thursday, but Drink was still his same old self.

In his opening statement, he addressed the election and how he was proud of his players for getting out to vote and exercising their civic rights. After that, he delivered his weekly injury report. He confirmed that earlier this week, Xavier Delgado had surgery and will be out several weeks. However, he should be able to return at some point this season; when that is still to be determined and Coach said it will be taken “week by week.” Larry Borom, another key offensive lineman, is also sidelined, and Drink said that he will not be ready for at least a couple more weeks. That puts the Tigers at 9 scholarship O-Linemen for the Georgia game. Against one of the best defenses in the country, the depth at that position will be key if the Tigers want to keep it close with the Bulldogs. Despite the injuries, Drink was able to confirm that the Tigers added no COVID cases following the road trip to Gainesville.

A topic that was sure to come up was the halftime brawl with Florida this weekend. The SEC handed out suspensions earlier this week, and a Mizzou will be without 3 players in the first half of the game against Georgia. On the suspensions, Drink said, “Actions have consequences and we are dealing with those consequences now.”

Since it is an election week, Drink and the media shared a few fun interactions regarding this week. At one point, Coach Drikwitz was asked to assess Damon Hazleton’s season at the halfway point, and he conveniently dodged the question like so many coaches do. But what made it interesting was the last bit he added, “That was some Mike Pence stuff right there.” He never fails to add a little bit of humor every week, even when others across the nation might seem stressed. He was also asked if he would consider running for office after his coaching days are done after the news of Tommy Tuberville securing a US Senate seat for the state of Alabama made waves around the country. Drink didn’t seem too fond of the idea and replied, “I’ve got enough to worry about being a football coach.” It doesn’t look like anyone will be seeing Eliah Drinkwitz on a ballot anytime soon, but Tiger fans might want to if he rebuilds this program like many believe he can.