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Gamethread: Georgia Hammers Mizzou

A streaking Tigers team welcomes the No. 8 Bulldogs who think they may have finally found their QB

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Score: Mizzou 14 - Georgia 49

Q4 14:46

Fourth Quarter Updates and Notes

Right away, Georgia punched it in to stretch their lead to 35. It would remain 49-14 to finish the game. A rough day for the Tigers.

  • There just isn't much to say other than this is just got out of hand.

Third Quarter Updates and Notes

To open the half, Georgia marched right down the field for another George Pickens TD after his one to end the first. Down 14, Mizzou didn’t respond well and punted it right back to the Bulldogs. Unlike the Tigers, UGA would continue to extend their lead, this time thanks to Zamir White. More of the same came later when Georgia stretched their lead out to 28.

  • The Tigers don’t seem to have an answer for George Pickens, and it looks like JT Daniels is beginning to realize it.
  • After seeming to have some answers in the second, the Tigers have none now. I think that TD right before half might’ve taken the wind out of their sails.
  • George Pickens is actually a monster.

Second Quarter Updates and Notes

The Tigers got the second quarter started off with a game punching it on a Connor Bazelak rush following a great double pass. Following the offense’s lead, the defense made a big stop that featured a huge 3rd down sack. The Tigers looked to tie the game up, Connor Bazelak went out for a drive with injury and were forced to punt. When Georgia got the ball back, the Mizzou defense lived in the backfield and gave their offense the ball right back. Mizzou couldn’t muster anything, but they did miss an opportunity on a muffed punt that Georgia was able to recover. However, on their next punt, the Tigers continued to have a presence in Georgia’s backfield by blocking a punt inside the 10 to set up a Larry Rountree rushing TD. Right before the end of the half, Daniels found George Pickens in the end zone for an improbable TD

  • Trickery like the double pass might be how Mizzou needs to play today. Georgia seems to have a big advantage in the trenches so keeping them off balance with plays like this could open up opportunities for the offense.
  • The defense is settling in. Georgia is going to score, but Mizzou will be able to stop them occasionally.
  • The hit on Bazelak was a major scare.
  • After the Georgia O-Line looked strong early, Mizzou has been able to get into the backfield a lot more this quarter.
  • Getting that muffed punt could’ve been a huge momentum swing.
  • The defensive aggressiveness is giving this team so much energy.
  • Blocking that kick could be just the thing to spur an upset.
  • Giving up a late-TD like that can be backbreaking, but this Tiger team has been down before.

First Quarter Updates and Notes

On the first drive of the game, Connor Bazelak threw an interception on just the second play. Georgia proceeded to capitalize on great field position deep in Mizzou territory and took a 7-0 lead. On Mizzou’s next drive, they were more successful but still stalled around midfield. Georgia got the ball back and picked up right where they left off marching down the field for another TD. At the end of the first, Mizzou was driving into Georgia territory on the 32.

  • Bazelak really tried to force that ball that was picked. Maybe getting that out of the way early will get him locked in.
  • Georgia didn’t throw the ball once on their first drive. If the Tigers want a chance in this game, they have to force Georgia out of their comfort zone.
  • The offensive line looks overmatched to start this game.
  • Georgia just looks faster on offense.
  • Larry averaging 4 YPC would be huge to stay out of 3rd and long situations.
  • Need to stay within two scores or this game could get out of hand.

Pregame Updates


TIME: 11:00 am CT

DATE: Saturday, December 12, 2020

LOCATION: Faurot Field, Columbia, MO

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