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A look ahead: Part Two

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A breakdown and a chat with two of the most recent signees of the Missouri Tigers.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last time out, I took a look at Tyler Macon and Travion Ford and we saw some of the things that those guys do well.

This time, not only will we be taking a look at why these next two guys are as so good and got the attention in the recruiting process that they did, but also asked a few questions so that our readership could get to know them a little bit better.

Kyran Montgomery

A look through at Kyran Montgomery’s film shows that he has a few things that you can’t teach. He’s got prototypical size and a body that looks like can support the addition of weight. In addition to his size, he’s also got a burst of quickness that stands out. It’s very easy to see why he was such a hot commodity during his recruitment.

Montgomery has, in my opinion, an elite first step. He uses that first step well in breaking down double teams, which is probably his next best skill. See here, it takes two lineman and a chip from a running back to prevent him from getting to the QB.

He doesn’t get the sack, but he affects the passer and forces the offense to commit three people to him in order to stop him. If he can continue to develop these two skills to translate at the next level, the sky is the limit for Montgomery.

Wanna see more of Kyran? Click here.

Connor Tollison

Connor Tollison, a Jackson, MO native, is what some would call a mauler. He absolutely buries guys. Tollison does many things well, but his run blocking is what really stands out to me. He drives guys back, and finishes blocks. He also looks to be pretty athletic for his size, which allows him to get out on the edge and block guys in space.

For example, in this first play, he gets to the edge and absolutely flattens a defender, which actually springs a long run.

In the second play, he blocks down, and levels a poor unsuspecting D-Tackle. This kind of athletic ability, and size is exactly what Mizzou fans have been clamoring for. Tollison brings not just the physical traits, but the mentality of an SEC lineman. He wants to finish every play.

Wanna see more of Connor? Click here.


Q: What do you like about Football?

CT: I love football because of the team aspect of it. I really like the idea of 11 guys pushing towards one common goal.

KM: I don’t know exactly how to put in words, I just love the game in general. I fell in love since I was 7 years old.

Q: How would you describe your style of play? Is there anyone you model your game after in particular?

CT: I would describe the way I play as nasty, physical, and fast.

KM: I model my game after Jadaveon Clowney. I like that he does so many different things well, and is a really good player.

Q: What made you decide to choose Missouri?

CT: I believe that Coach Drinkwitz and his staff are among the best coaches in the country, and I think that myself and along with the rest of the guys in this 2021 class can go in, and really turn this thing around.

KM: I really loved the family atmosphere. I could tell immediately. I think we can do some big things here.

Q: What have you seen from the 2020 Missouri Tigers, that makes you excited for the 2021 season?

CT: I think they look really good, and are doing a really good job this year considering the circumstances. I’m really happy for them, and am excited to get up there and join them.

KM: I just like how young the team is. There’s so much potential on this team. When I saw the win against LSU, that’s when I knew that things were going in an upward direction.

Q: Do you have any ideas of what you may want to study while at Mizzou?

CT: Yeah, I’d really like to get into education and hopefully become a PE teacher and a football coach myself.

KM: When I get to campus, I plan on studying business management.

Q: Do you have any plans for the spring semester? Playing a sport? Working out?

CT: I actually plan on enrolling early, and joining the team for the spring semester.

KM: In the winter, I play basketball. I’m currently the starting center on my team at Pike.

Thank you to both guys for their time, and congratulations on becoming Tigers!

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