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Women’s Hoops Back in Action and Braggin Rights Celebrations Continue

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Mizzou News for Wednesday, December 16

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Women’s Hoops is Back in Action, and We Will Re-live the Braggin Rights Glory FOREVER

There will be PLENTY of football to talk about today, with it being National Signing Day and all, so let’s look at some basketball news and notes from Tuesday, shall we?

First up, Mizzou Women’s Hoops is back on the hardwood tonight at Mizzou Arena, looking for their first win. The Privateers are 1-2 on the season and are near the bottom of the standings in the Southland Conference so far. Here’s hoping that with a game under their belt, the Tigers bounce back and bring home a victory.

Because we can’t get enough of that Braggin Rights win and can bask in its glory for at least another year, the phenomenal video/graphics/social media team put out this mini movie. Wow.

The “Illini Killer” (AKA “The LeBron of Braggin Rights”), Javon Pickett, was a guest on BK & Ferrario on Tuesday, and he did a great, great job. As you all are aware, he is my most favorite of all the favorites on the team (and I have many), and it’s about damn time everyone hears a from him, gets to know him, and appreciates him for what he does for this team.

And for the stats nerds in all of us, MU historian, Tom Orf, uncovered this cool set of date regarding leading scorers at the Braggin Rights series in the past decade. Pretty cool. 47(!) for Pickett!

And since it’s National Signing Day, I’ll throw in a football goodie for you. Y’all, our coach wears personalized Coca Cola shirts. Who WOULDN’T want to come play for this man?!?

On to the Links! Stay tuned to the site all day long to cover the signings and see if there’s any surprises!

Yesterday at Rock M

  • Jacob attended Drinkwitz’s newest MIZ-ZOOM football press conference.
  • Kortay attended the MIZ-ZOOM press conference with the players.
  • Hide your eyes! Nate (the Great) analyzed the Georgia game in a new Beyond the Box Score. BIG YIKES.
  • Josh was back with a new edition of his movie Revue: Downhill.
  • COMING UP: a Signing Day bonanza that will have coverage spanning multiple days

More Links:


According to documents obtained by USA TODAY Sports as part of its annual analysis of assistant coaches’ compensation, there are at least 10 Power Five football programs in which one or more assistants took a pay cut, and one or more did not. Those schools make up roughly 20% of public schools in the Power Five.

  • On 101ESPN’s BK & Ferrario Show (Jamie Rivers moved to afternoons), NFL Analyst Eric Edholm had some nice news about Nick Bolton’s NFL future.

Hoops News

Bilas on Illinois and Mizzou: “Illinois is a championship caliber team. They’re Final Four good, and they could win it. They’re going to get substantially better as they go forward. I was really impressed with Missouri. Cuonzo (Martin), you knew he was going to do a great job there. He’s done well everywhere he’s been. And I think they’re going to be a factor this year in the SEC and nationally. And they’re going to be really competitive. That’s sort of the thing you most noticed about them, the fight that they have, individually and collectively. And that’s a reflection of what Cuonzo brings. But now he’s got some talent in addition to that competitiveness.”

  • Congrats to former Tiger Cullen Van Leer on his first win as head coach at Owensville High School!

*** If I missed other Mizzou Sports social media stuff, I apologize. I didn’t search all that much aside from these things that I saw throughout the day.


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