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Nick Bolton is a self-proclaimed bad S.O.B., and the Hogs rivalry gets some much needed spice

Mizzou News for Wednesday, December 2

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Nick Bolton: A Bad Dude (in the good sense)

I just had to lead with this. Nick Bolton seems like a fantastic human being on and off the field, and for him to make this statement, and according to Peter Baugh, just so nonchalantly in the stream of his conversation, is amazing. Man, I’m going to miss him next year.

In more football news, Vahe Gregorian of the KC Star wrote about rivalries, stating that while Mizzou still isn’t playing the “Jay-somethings”, they’ve got some added spice to the Arkansas rivalry. Calling the Arkansas rivalry “somewhere between the embryonic and contrived stage,” talked with Coach Drinkwitz about rivalries in general, and the importance of them.

According to Gregorian’s story, when the teams first met in 2014, that was their first regular season meeting in 51 years. “Rivalries,” he said, “take time and plot twists and a certain texture and relevance to make it matter more.”

This year, of course, takes special relevance, since it was just one year when Mizzou beat Arkansas and Odom within 24 hours. From Drinkwitz, on what he told the team:

Such attachments need to be rendered no different than they might be for “any of us who’ve gone against people we care about and have feelings for … At the end of the day, when you’re playing a game, it’s about the people in (your) locker room, (the) Mizzou on your chest and what we’re trying to do as a team.”

This piece is a must-read. Vahe has this way with words that is just... incredible.

And finally, the SEC Network took viewers inside the Mizzou-Vanderbilt game on Tuesday night. I’m sure it’s available to watch online, but here’s an excerpt. Every time he talks, I like him more and more.

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