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Merry Christmas, Tiger fans! Rock M Santa has a gift for you!

Mizzou News for Friday, December 25

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A Holiday Gift for Tigers Fans!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Rock M Nation, and I have a treat for you today! When I interviewed RJ Layton, Sports Information Director for Mizzou Hoops (that story is coming out later this morning), I HAD to ask him about the most beloved gif of the Cuonzo Martin era. You know the one.

I see this come across the twitter and I immediately become that Kermit gif with the flailing arms. You know something GOOD is coming. So I had important questions for RJ. Is this gif accurate? Does Cuonzo Martin drink THAT much coffee? Where did internet gem come from?

According to RJ, Coach Martin really is drinking coffee all the time. Like, constantly. He has a couple of them at practice, and basically, every picture outside of game action manages to include him drinking coffee. (side note: I wonder how he takes it?) The first one to notice the excessive coffee drinking was actually the previous SID, Patrick Crawford, who was with Cuonzo his first year. Crawford was the original purveyor of the concept, so when he left and RJ came in, he loved it so much and thought it was so awesome, the team just ran with it.

How are there so many versions?

RJ: We always have a camera on the practices and on Coach in general so every time he has coffee, our photo and video people just know to capture it. So we have tons to choose from.

How did former SID Patrick Crawford come up with it?

RJ: I’m kind of young so I didn’t really understand it, but I guess everybody says, “coffee is for closers.” Crawford is kind of a pop culture guy where he knows everything, so I’m sure he knows where it came from.

(Fun fact: I googled it. It comes from the 1992 film, GlenGarry Glen Ross, which I have never seen)

How is the gif primarily used?

RJ: When you tweet about recruitment, you can’t tweet about recruits until they sign them because that’s a compliance issue. So, we were like, how can we post something where everybody knows what we’re talking about without talking about it? So that’s kind of how it’s come about. It’s like a way we can now give a shout out to the kid for committing without saying his name because that’s against policy. It’s kind of like the bat signal for football.

Thought y’all would enjoy this inside info. And like I mentioned earlier, be sure to check out my extensive interview with RJ up later this morning!

On to the Links! It was a light day.... Hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Think of this as your own personal Christmas card, created by me :)
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Yesterday at Rock M

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And just because this is fun and a blast from the past... enjoy.


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