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Eli Drinkwitz doesn’t regret sending players home for Christmas

Mizzou Links for Monday, Dec 28

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Drinkwitz on player travel: “I’ll live with that choice”

Of course, you all know by now — and if you don’t, hello welcome to Rock M Nation, the world’s best free source of Mizzou news and analysis! — Missouri won’t be playing in the TransPerfect Music City Bowl. In fact, no one will, as the bowl was called off shortly after the Tigers backed out due to COVID-19 issues within the program.

After the reports surfaced, many people wondered if the decision to let players travel for the holidays played into the uptick in COVID cases. That’s a natural inclination. However, more reports began to trickle down that the Mississippi State game may have been the root cause of the outbreak.

Regardless, when Eli Drinkwitz and Jim Sterk spoke to the media yesterday afternoon, Eli Drinkwitz said he didn’t regret the decision to allow players to travel... even if it led to more positive tests.

“We allowed our team to travel home for the holidays after an extremely long season, which we started July 26 and played a game all the way up until December 19 and felt like it was in the best interest of our players’ mental health to travel home,” [Drinkwitz] said. “We didn’t feel like it was a risk...

“I don’t think we could have done anything differently or weigh the options of players’ mental health any differently. We chose what to do. I chose what to do.

“If allowing our players who sacrificed so much throughout this season to play 10 games … if allowing them to go home for Christmas ultimately cost us the ability to play in a bowl game I’ll live with that choice.”

As someone who has been incredibly concerned about player well-being since they announced that the season would be played, I think Drink’s reasoning here is pretty good. The players risked their health every week just to play a bunch of meaningless games and make a lot of people money. If you’re OK with them doing that but not going to spend the holidays with their family, you can kick several bricks.

It wasn’t all bad news on Sunday! After ending the 2020 season as Missouri’s unquestioned number one receiver, Keke Chism announced his plans to take advantage of the extra eligibility year and return to Columbia.

Chism will be playing his second year of Division I football after spending his first three years at Division II Angelo State

Yesterday at Rock M

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— The Browns are down bad after losing to the Jets and squandering their best chance to lock up a playoff spot. But it’s not because of Sheldon Richardson, who led the defense with 10 tackles. Jordan Elliott chipped in too, adding two of his own.

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