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PODCAST: Grading Mizzou Football

BK is joined by Aaron Dryden to grade Mizzou Football now that the season is officially over

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Brandon Kiley and Aaron Dryden. Our fearless leader, Nate Edwards, is out for this episode so we have called on Aaron Dryden to fill in on another episode of BTBS. BK and Aaron talk about Mizzou’s bowl game getting cancelled (ICYMI).

BK and Aaron dish out some grades for the Tigers, which you can also see BK’s grades in written form for the offense here and the defense here.

They also dive into some season thoughts, Keke Chism returning, who else might return, Drinkwitz in year one, and other Mizzou Football happenings including how some of the players entering the NFL project. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:30 - 5:55: Let’s jump right in and talk about the Music City Bowl being cancelled. There were some strong feelings about said cancellation, which seems odd once you start to look into it, but nonetheless, feelings are there to be had. What are some thoughts over the cancellation?

5:56 - 15:50: There are some positive news stories out there. There are some seniors that have elected to return next year. What are the reactions to the names we know are returning? Keke Chism is the headliner here so far, which is good for Mizzou’s offense next year. Having Keke Chism return alongside of Jalen Knox and Tyler Badie could make the Mizzou offense really special.

15:51 - 34:00: Let’s start handing out grades. the receivers and the offense are up first. Where does each position group check in and it is fun to look back and think about where you would have graded that position group to start the year.

34:01 - 50:50: Let’s take a look at the Defense, starting with the D-Line where there are some fascinating stories to be had there and two Defensive Ends that have been receiving some serious praise around the league.

50:51 - END: Well here comes the fun part about the offseason being here. Projecting forward now that we do not have a game to look at until 2021. What’s in store for this offseason? And some final thoughts before we officially wrap up the 2020 season.

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