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Gamethread: Mizzou beats Arkansas

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The Missouri Tigers square off with the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Battle Line Rivalry

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Mizzou 50 - Arkansas 48


Fourth Quarter Updates and Notes

The Tigers would not convert the 3rd down and settle for another FG that cut the Arkansas lead to 7. However, the Razorbacks would respond immediately with a TD. Aided by a controversial catch to open the drive, Arkansas would cash in on a quick 1:35 drive.

Soon after, the Tigers would return the favor, but even quicker, only 34 seconds. The key play of the drive came on the 46-YD Tyler Badie TD rush.

Inspired by the offense’s big TD, the defense delivered as well, forcing Arkansas to punt the ball back to the Tigers with a chance to level the game. A couple big catches by Damon Hazelton and Keke Chism had the Tigers deep in Arkansas territory, a brilliant play design got Larry Rountree in the end zone a couple plays later to tie the game.

Again the Mizzou defense delivered after struggling so mightily earlier, and the Tigers had the ball back, this time with a chance to take their first lead since the second quarter. They would do just that. A big Larry rush set up another Badie rushing TD and a 7-point lead.

After struggling for most of the 4th quarter, the Razorback offense delivered. They drove down the field, converted a massive fourth down, and found an open receiver for the TD and converted an improbable tipped 2-point conversion.

However, there was 43 seconds left on the clock, and the Tigers went to work. Connor Bazelak picked apart the Arkansas secondary like a surgeon, and set up a Harrison Mevis FG opportunity. He would nail it from 32 for win.

  • That catch looked like the receiver went out of bounds prior to catching the ball, very questionable by the refs to uphold that one.
  • The no-huddle has left this defense exhausted and helpless, they need a miracle at this point.
  • That quick score kept these guys in this game, wow they needed that.
  • The defense seemed to respond to the offense, the crowd seems really into this game, too, even with small capacity. I think it’s helping the defense find anything left in the tank because they have to be exhausted with this no huddle.
  • 3 TDs in back to bakc games for Larry, wow.
  • This comeback showed some real mental toughness from these guys. Most of their wins they haven’t had to come back, but they’ve been down big and this has been impressive.
  • Bazelak on the final drive was nothing short of spectacular.

Third Quarter Updates and Notes

On the opening drive of the half, the Tiger defense stopped the bleeding and got their offense back on the field almost immediately with a 3&Out.

With a chance to tie the game up, the Tigers would come up a little short on their next drive, but they would receive a consolation in the form of a 37-YD FG. Arkansas would respond promptly, however. After a big 3rd and long conversion, the Razorbacks punched it in a few plays later, but would again miss the PAT, this time by way of a block.

On each of the team’s following drives, they would exchange punts.

At the end of the 3rd Mizzou trails by 10, but has a huge 3rd & 6 coming up at the Arkansas 23.

  • The Tigers needed that 3&Out to start the half.
  • Larry has been a man on a mission this season, it seems as if there’s not a team that could legitimately slow him down.
  • The two missed PATS seem like they could play a factor in a potential drive that winds down the 4th quarter.
  • For the defense to step up like this after losing Nick Bolton shows you the depth they have.

Second Quarter Updates and Notes

The Tigers first drive of the quarter cam up a little short of the endzone after a strong drive as they settled for a 29-YD FG and a 7-point lead.

Arkansas quickly tied the game up soon after. On just the third play of their next drive, Treylon Burks got loose for 68 yards and a TD from RS-Freshman KJ Jefferson. However, Mizzou punched right back with an eight-play TD drive themselves, capped off with another Larry TD, his second of the day.

In contrast to their last drive, Arkansas was much more methodical to tie the game up at 20. They used 14 plays to go 75 yards, and the game seems to be shaping up to be a shootout.

Mizzou struggled on their next drive and had to punt, but the headlines came on the next drive. On a hit that seemed like a good clean football hit, Nick Bolton was called for targeting and ejected from the game. The Tiger defense seemed motivated after and forced a 3rd down stop, but Arkansas faked a FG, to get into the red zone and punched it in a few plays later.

The Hogs now have a 27-20 lead and will receive the 2nd half kick.

  • Bazelak’s ability to extend plays with his legs and keep his eyes downfield is mature beyond his years. He never seems to be looking to run. He always is looking to find an open receiver.
  • The defense has looked very unlike itself on after that first drive, maybe this game won’t be the defensive battle that was expected.
  • Larry could go for 3 TDs in back to back games now.
  • I almost feel bad for Bazelak that his TD numbers are so low because of how near automatic Larry is inside the 10.
  • KJ Jefferson seems to be settling into this game after struggling the first drive. He seems much more relaxed now.
  • The defense looks lost for the first time in a while, they seem to have no answers about how to handle this Arkansas offense.
  • The targeting call on Nick Bolton was egregious. He led with his shoulder and the fact that they confirmed it is stunning.
  • That fake punt was incredibly gutsy, and you have to respect the idea to call that by Arkansas.
  • Arkansas has scored 4 straight TDs...

First Quarter Updates and Notes

On just the second play of the game, Connor Bazelak went down injured and it looked serious for a moment. However, after just one play out Bazelak returned under center. Aided by the roughing the passer penalty on the hit that knocked Connor out, the Tigers were able to get a 51-YD Harrison Mevis FG on the first drive.

The Razorbacks didn’t muster anything on their firs possession and went 3&Out as the Tiger defense continued their hot streak. The Tiger offense capitalized and marched methodically down the field thanks to precision passing from Bazelak and power running from Rountree. In the end, Larry ran in a TD on a direct snap for 10-0 lead.

On their next drive the Razorbacks moved down the field led by a strong QB run game. They would polish off the drive with a 2-YD TD pass, but they would hit the upright on the PAT and keep score at 10-6.

At the end of the first, the Tigers had the ball at the Arkansas 41 driving.

  • That Bazelak injury looked very serious in the moment, very lucky for the Tigers that he returned so quickly.
  • Harrison Mevis is already so solid. He will be a big strength for this team for the next four years, no question.
  • Feleipe Franks is out with a rib injury. That means Arkansas will be without him and Rakeem Boyd, both huge losses.
  • Daniel Parker’s return should open up even more holes for Larry Rountree. His energy was clear on the Jalen Knox shovel pass as he blocked three people on a single play.
  • Missed PATs have a way of coming back to make a big difference in games like this.

Pregame Updates

TIME: 11:00 am CT

DATE: Saturday, December 5, 2020

LOCATION: Faurot Field, Columbia, Missouri

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