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Cuonzo talks coaching today’s generation... and LSU game thoughts

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, February 12

Cuonzo talks coaching today’s generation

First off, excuse me while I wipe away some tears. I am so damn proud of this team, y’all. They came into a game that no one in the world thought they’d win (me included, TBH) and played their hearts out. Yes, I know the GOOD Tigers didn’t win (Will Wade devil magic back at its finest), but THIS is what I want to see... with less fouls and making free throws, obviously. Everyone that played scored. Let that sink in. At least two points.

Moving on...

In Dave Matter’s game day blog post on Tuesday, he shared at length what Coach Martin told the beat writers at Media Day about managing expectations and coaching today’s generation. He told a story about how his mom came to see him play as a freshman against Illinois and he barely played, so what did his mom do? She gave each of the coaches a greeting card and gave her son a hug and asked him if he’d been reading his Bible. That’s it.

Because what could she do, really? What could he do? He admittedly said he wasn’t a guy who was going to bail out or call up his high school coach to complain, because what would that solve? It had nothing to do with that coach. He wasn’t coaching him anymore.

In regards to playing time and struggles, he said:

“Now, if you’ve been mistreated that’s one thing, but if it’s just about the basketball piece, I say to parents all the time, ‘Let him go through that. Because he’ll grow into that. Whatever it is, he’ll grow. It’s a lesson.’ If you allow him to continue to jump and make moves he’ll never learn then all of a sudden they become fathers, husbands and parents. They have some tough lessons, but they didn’t get equipped to deal with those lessons at 15, 16, 17, 18. They’ll struggle in life.”

And this:

“I think that’s where people get lost. That doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. But if you want comfort, you don’t want to go through life. There are bumps in the road and there’s pain in a journey in order for you to be successful. I think that’s the beautiful thing of life. Like our guys, you go through these bumps , you lose this game, but what did you learn from it?

Man.... just when I thought I couldn’t love Cuonzo Martin more...

You need to read the article. Seriously.

Now, on to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Here’s the officially-official team graphic of the NFL Combine invitees.
  • Jordan Elliott, good at defending. Future NFLer.


Other Mizzou Sports News

  • Larissa Anderson’s No. 18, 5-0 Tigers returns to Florida this weekend for the ESPN Elite Invite. They will face four teams ranked in the polls, and the Border War returns! More info at and in the Missourian’s story by Tyler Hollins.
  • Softball player Cayla Kessinger sharing words of wisdom on Twitter. Really liking this softball team.
  • Check out the women’s golf spring schedule, which kicks off in Arizona near the end of this month.
  • Check out Mizzou alums/awesome journalists, Pat Forde and son Mitchell Forde, who were on hand to speak at the KC Tiger Club Luncheon on Tuesday afternoon.
  • No. 24 #TigerStyle closes MAC Competition at SIU-Edwardsville Wednesday, per
  • The tumbling Tigers are back on the mat on Friday in St. Charles, facing off against LSU, Iowa State, and Division II powerhouse, Lindenwood in at 6:30pm.
  • Freshman Hannah McCrary had a helluva floor routine against Alabama on Friday.
  • With only three days away from their season opener, baseball held their media day at Taylor Stadium.
  • Speaking of Taylor Stadium, it looks like it is going to be getting some upgrades. Some artist renderings, according to Dave Matter. And rest up, Trae Robertson...

Other News