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PODCAST: Mizzou Hoops- playing better but still in need of consistency

Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris returns!

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts! After being off last week, your guides for Mizzou Basketball have returned! Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris break down everything we have seen from Mizzou in the last 3 games. There was a win in there, and then a tough road game against LSU, where Mizzou came up a bit short down the stretch.

Sam and Matt also preview the next two games for Mizzou as Auburn and Ole Miss come to Mizzou Arena. What do they want to see from Mizzou in these two games? Which matchup should Mizzou fans be most cautious of for each game? That and much more. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

0:33 - 5:20: Welcome Back to Dive Cuts! Before we get started, Sam and Matt talk about relationships and dating before getting into Mizzou Basketball. Y’all just never know what’s in store for you when you tune in to an episode of Dive Cuts. Last time, bourbon. This time- dating and how to plan for special moments.

5:21 - 17:08: Mizzou has played better of late, in regards to the games against Arkansas and LSU, but it’s still not what many expected coming into this season. They just don’t have THE GUY a la Anthony Edwards or Breein Tyree. Tray Jackson is starting to get some regular minutes, Xavier Pinson is playing better, Dru Smith is still Dru Smith, but still, not what many expected from the Tigers this season. The key is others playing well to lessen the pressure on Dru. Mizzou’s offense is getting some good looks, they just don’t hit shots. That doesn’t mean they aren’t running good offense (THEY ARE); they’re just missing the looks they generate.

17:09 - 31:03: Mizzou is 11-13 (3-8 in the SEC). There’s a tough home game against Auburn coming up, though Sam thinks they’ve got a bit of smoke n mirrors going on. Let’s dive into the details and how the Tigers (black & gold ones) can slow down the other.. Tigers (the blue & orange ones).

31:04 - 38:30: After Auburn, Mizzou hosts Ole Miss, who is playing well at home, but sometimes struggles on the road (like everyone else)! Let’s preview Mizzou/Ole Miss. Kermit Davis’ team doesn’t have a lot of depth, and he doesn’t pull guys with two fouls, typically. Post Ole Miss, we dive into a little schedule talk! Some games are winnable down the stretch, so the guys chat about getting 3 more wins.

38:31 - 51:21: Coming into this season, we knew that the back end of the schedule was padded to get more wins. Anytime you remove two of your best three players, you are going to suffer. Mizzou is experiencing that this year, as have some other teams (Memphis, among others). Sam says you can’t talk about Cuonzo’s tenure at Mizzou without talking about injuries. Missouri lost Jeremiah in the MOST important part of the season, so it can explain some of the issues. Matt examines how the team fared against teams with front court size and the underwhelming performance of the sophomores, among other topics.

50:00- END: Final thoughts. We just don’t have a clear picture of the team right now to make predictions for next year. What IS progress? How can we fix this? Cuonzo Martin, as you’ve recently seen on Twitter, is an easy guy to root for, and he’s got these guys playing hard, despite this season’s... mess. Let’s catch a break! Let’s instill some hope in the starving fan base. Matt shares some.. disturbing stats from SEC play, and what we need for next year. With that being said, we’ll see you next week! There MIGHT be a football pod in your future, possibly led by the dulcet tones of Brandon Kiley and Nate Edwards.

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